Wednesday, November 20, 2013

merci, merci, Juju

One of my most favorite things -- receiving paper parcels in the mail -- combined with one of the most delightful things in life -- a gift handmade for me Just Because. I've been admiring the beautiful handcarved stamps Juliette has been showing on her blog lately. Here, here, herehere and here!

And now I have my very own Lanvers Original. What a kind and generous thing! Thank you, Juju. I'm learning to stamp nicely. I've never done it much before. There's a definite knack to this. You make it look so easy. You can see my ink selection is limited to black and white, but now I need some other colors. Like gold!

I think I will need to look at this tin every day this holiday season.


  1. Perfect! your stamping is great! For the pinks, Micheals has a 'house brand' that is just fine and cheap. I also found gold pigment ink at target last month!

    1. Thanks, Juju, I'll have a look there. I'm all about cheap and good!


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