Wednesday, November 6, 2013

my sister won a blue ribbon

I'm trying to gauge how upset my sister will be with me if I publish a photo of her with her awesome ribbon-winning stack-n-whack quilt from the recent quilt show in Huntsville. I wonder. Oh, hey, Leigh! There you are!

And here's her blue ribbon. Have you heard of stack-n-whack? I am a quilting goofus so I had never heard of it before she showed me, but the idea is that you fold fabric so that the repeat is lined up in a vertical stack, and then you cut the pieces for the quilt from that stack. So in the end the fabric you start with will be virtually unrecognizable and you will get this whole other animal. It creates a kaleidoscope effect of color and value.

Here are some closeups and you'll see what I mean. Of course, the lighting in the quilt show was dismal and fluorescent, so these photos don't really do the colors justice:

 Do you see the squares now?

Amazing, Leigh! Congratulations!

There were some pretty impressive quilts there. I was flabbergasted at the diamond pattern Amish hand quilting on this Baltimore Album quilt. The stitches were so tiny and regular I had a hard time believing it was done by hand. Do you see it? Click on the photo for an enlargement. Crazy tiny.

I really LOVED this Wedged string quilt pattern I saw at a vendor's booth. The dark blues and mustards are perfect together with the spiky shapes.

This wool applique quilt seems right up my alley too. Can you tell I'm attracted to brights on dark grounds? I love to applique, so this type seems more appealing to me than piecing.

Leigh has a lot of talented quilter friends and there were more quilts that really wowed me but unfortunately my camera battery died mid-show. 

It's a good thing my wallet doesn't have a battery. I went round the vendors and somehow ended up buying more fabric and buttons. I don't know how this happens.

Aren't they pretty? I thought they would make really cute doll or animal clothing.

As I visited each quilt show vendor I was given a piece of paper and after visiting them all I wound up with the complete instructions for a Mystery Quilt. So here is my stack of quilt instructions which I will never sew. It is fun to think I might though.

BTW, my Halloween follow up post is still coming. I decided to show you how to DIY the Cat Woman costume, so I'm working on the tutorial.


  1. Nope, I'm not a quilter, and I've never heard of stack-n-whack, either. But what an awesome quilt!! Well, the others are, too, but I can see how hers won first prize! Way to go, Leigh! And yeah, that tiny stitching is unbelievable!

  2. Congratulations, Leigh! That is so cool. I have never heard of nor attempted a stack-n-whack, but I'm definitely intrigued. Are you saying that the whole quilt was done with only one fabric? Which fabric was it? Also - I am IN LOVE with that wool applique. Gorgeous! I may need to attempt something smallish with that sort of idea to make a wall hanging in my living room or something . . . the wheels be turnin . . .

    1. Skooks, sorry for the slow reply. Yes, this quilt is only one fabric! It was an unremarkable nature/bird print she probably wouldn't have normally bought, but you can see that this method completely transforms the fabric into something ELSE. Yes, the wool applique was lovely. I looked at some felted woven wools similar to those in the appliques at a vendors and almost fainted at the cost. Yikes. Small sounds good.

  3. Wow! Congrats to your sister! She deserved it with that beautiful quilt! Really amazing colors, and how she sewed the fabrics together, forming the flowers! I bet now you will have to learn quilting and I am sure you will be a great quilter!

  4. Wow! A well deserved win.

  5. Your sister's quilt is crazy good!!! I love it! I've never seen one like it before. :) And I can't even imagine how long that Amish one took! Amazing!

  6. Thanks, everyone, for the congratulations for Leigh! Y'all are so sweet.

  7. I've always loved stack and whack quilts. They were all the rage back when I started quilting, in 1999. I had no idea people were still making them! Your sister's is just beautiful, it's a well deserved win!

  8. Wow! Congratulations to your sister!!! The quilt is great! She deserves it :))

  9. Yay! That's amazing! Congratulations to your sister! Well deserved. Her quilt is gorgeous. You sure had some good finds. I want to take you shopping with me. I'll just buy whatever you buy. :-)


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