Monday, May 26, 2014

my friend Robyn's beautiful home

I didn't get to properly show off my friend's gorgeous home in my recent posts about Rio. While I was there I spent a goodly amount of time wandering around her house just oohing and ahhing (and taking mental copycat notes). I was finally able to persuade her to take some shots of her decor and send them to me so I could show you guys. 

Their space is absolutely flooded with crazy great light from the wall to wall balconies, plus the bright white walls. I think Robyn has done a fantastic job of warming it up with lots of color and homey textiles. It strikes a perfect balance of light, color and comfort. Lovely.

Homemade cushions abound. I love that Nani IRO fabric.

So charmed by the curated collections on her bookshelves, which are organized according to color.

Fabulous family art wall. Very honored to have my work featured! :-)

I thought she must have found this awesome painting at Hippie Feira but nope, she organized an empty canvas and gave brushes to her three kids. This is their masterpiece! I'd love to do that with my own girls. That's a handmade cushion on the bench.

This is her collection of oils from various art fairs and galleries. Such a great sampling of local art. More handmade cushions on the couch.

Her dining room!

Handmade table runner. The metal chairs!

Love love love the eclectic plate wall. Such a well-balanced amorphous arrangement and perfect touches of color. Great solution to the huge white wall.

From her master bedroom. Coral hues and homey patchwork. That's a souvenir needlework cushion from their recent family trip to Peru.

The foyer. Lots of personal family keepsakes.  I love the pop of red from that painting.

 The view from one of the balconies. Wow.

And here's one of Robyn I snapped while I was there. That's her bedroom behind her. The open balcony doors keep a refreshing breeze constantly blowing through the house.

Rich working hard on the main balcony. Can you see the tightly stretched netting? It's to keep important things like coffee cups and children from falling over the railing.

Thanks for the lovely tour, Robyn!


  1. So gorgeous. Can almost feel that breeze :).

    1. Hey, Katie, thanks! It's always blowing since they are high up.

  2. nice and practical house (y)

  3. Lovely. Do you know if she made the slipcover for the sofa? It's so airy and comfy looking. I'm looking to do that with my furniture. They are an odd ball design and I can't find covers anywhere. If she made them what kind of fabric did she use? It looks like a bleached muslin. Or is it something heavier?

    1. Oh, no, I absolutely didn't make the slipcovers. They're Ikea couches and covers made of 100% cotton duck. I love them because they're bleachable and tighten up nicely when washed and dried. Cotton duck is heavier and more durable than muslin. If you go through all of the work of making the covers, you want them to last! Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the house love, Larry! (You forgot to mention that we're in a temporary rental for all those people wishing I'd slap some paint on the walls). ;) Honored to be featured on mmmcrafts!

    1. Robyn, hey I LIKE the white walls. They seem to go with the whole tropical feel. What color would you paint if you could?

    2. Oh, I don't know. I'd probably email you and ask for suggestions. ;) For my next house, I'm in the mood for yellow and a deep navy/teal blue. We'll see if I get the courage...


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