Monday, July 14, 2014

what I'm up to

Giving up my school room, for one. The girls have shared a bedroom ever since I started home schooling way on back in 2007. My oldest will be twelve soon and she really needed a space of her own. She's a neatness person and a compulsive organizer, and her sister is... not that. I'm going to miss having a school room, but Thing 1 is thrilled with having her own bedroom. We've spent the last two weekends buying and assembling new bedroom furniture from IKEA and redoing the closets. I'm just going to say that the Hemnes chest of drawers comes with a jumbo soul-sucking five pound bag of screws and dowels. Clear your afternoon. Turned out nice though, thanks to Schmoopie.

And I'm also just going to say NO MORE BUNKBEDS. Oh, sweet ever lovin Mary Queen of Scots. No more wrestling sheets on and off a bunkbed. Oh yesyesyesss.

However, the poor girl does have to have this epic wall of schoolbooks and materials taking up an entire wall of her room. It just had nowhere else to go and no complaints from her. Now both bedrooms need finishing touches, like shelves, curtains and bedskirts. I have plans to redo their duvet covers into quilts (that photo was pre-bunkbed). Should be easy. Uh huh.

Now I need to find somewhere to put all the school stuff that is now homeless and is in piles all over the house. We'll be conducting school in the kitchen from now on, so I'm pretty sure going to need another one of these:

You should have seen the mountain of toys and books and educational tools we gave away over the weekend. At least ten garbage bags full. How did we get so much stuff? More to the point, why did I still have it? It was good to clear it all out, but sad too. Little girly toys, dress ups and beginner readers. Puzzles. Math manipulatives. *sob* School furniture went into the attic. If you've ever tried to disassemble a double IKEA Besta bookshelf, you'll know it's not for the faint of heart. After recalling how heinous it was to put together, my attitude was 'give it away and buy a new one later' but my husband is much more
1) handy
2) thrifty
3) determined
Thank goodness.

Making pillows for another. My screened porch badly needed some new ones because I can't ever remember to put the outdoor pillows away during Georgia's pollen season. There's just no coming back from the Bilious Green Fog sometimes. I picked up all these outdoor fabrics on sale at Jo-Ann and sewed up some quick pillow covers with zippers.

Planning more pillows. This time some summery ones for my living room. Aren't these bold ikat-like fabrics nice? Also cheap!

Ordering expensive apparel fabric. Because that is what you do when you already have too much fabric. I apparently have big plans for my free time this August. Robyn, I finally found that Liberty of yours I have coveted admired so much!

Laughing at this video. Young friends Micah and Chelsea are having their first baby, and I think this preview style video is the funniest and cleverest announcement ever. (That's my niece Erin and her husband Nathan making a cameo appearance in the whole airplane/choo choo train scene.)

And oh my word we are on the last seven days of the 2013/2014 Holland Academy for Young Ladies school year. I am We are really really really looking forward to our summer break. I have some Twelve Days patterns to crank out! I hope your summer is going swimmingly.


  1. A few comments: 1) Loved the video. That is too funny. 2) Not so secretly coveting the bed you have for Thing 1 for my girls. 3) According to my Nana, I am a descendant of Mary Queen of Scots. 4) We have that same Hemnes dresser. I left the thrill of the assembly up to Mr. Skooks. To say he had a blast putting it together would be an understatement. ;)

    1. Skooksie,
      1) Covet no more:
      2) No kidding? Och, you are a royal!
      3) Great minds think alike

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. That video is hilarious.

    Love the new room! I'd love to see it once your homeschool space is finished. :) I really like the green. It's so cheery! coughHOUSETOURcough

    1. Hey, Catie,
      coughYOU'VESEENTHEHIGHLIGHTScough. Thanks a bunch! I've shown you just enough to preserve the illusion that we live in a nicely kept and coordinated home. I'd hate to shatter the illusion. We chose the green for that room way back in 2001 when it was a nursery because we think it is fun not to find out the sex of the baby until it's born. Green was a nice compromise. LOL

    2. HAHA! Well, a girl can dream... ;)

      I wanted to say, too, that I know *exactly* what you mean when it comes to changing sheets on a bunkbed! UGH. I do love the floor space they save though.


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