Thursday, August 7, 2014

awesome birthday mixtape!

Allergies? Clogs? Ratchets? All awesome. Because EVERYTHING is awesome! It's time to wish my very first baby girl a happy birthday. She's twelve. Which means she experiences everything with varying degrees of embarrassment.

As I popped this custom mixtape CD in first thing this morning and played it at tooth vibrating volume to serenade her, she shuffled out of her bedroom (wearing her handmade jammies) and rolled her eyes. She also gave me several scwinchy-faced mean mugs as each new song came on, so in the language of twelve year olds everywhere I know it was a huge success! Awesome.

*Late note: This CD has been worn out since this morning and she is singing the songs to herself as she putters around the house. Awwww. (some.)*


  1. as i recall, being 12 was very hard. good work, mama.

  2. I love your mix tapes. They're so sweet and your illustrations are beyond adorable

  3. I, too, love your mix-tapes. :) I say that every time, but I really do think it is so special. :)


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