Saturday, February 7, 2015

shoebox valentines, take 2

This year's shoebox Valentines. For inspiration we hit the Rite Aid and cruised the candy aisles trying out various candy puns in Valentine slogans. These were the winners!

We did this the first time last year and so enjoyed it. We exchanged with a bunch of kids from church. It was really fun to dump out the shoeboxes and see all the creative Valentines the girls got.

Need other last minute Valentine ideas? Here you go:

My cynical favorite above: Valentine Schmalentine printable

Love You Bookmarks. I use one everyday. Made more in grey paper here, which I love even better than the white.
Mwah printable

 Wood You? printable


  1. I heart your valentine's. :) I love "You'll Do".

    I hope your back is feeling better! :(

    And I meant to comment on your quilt post--it's beautiful! I love the wonky cross on the back. And the fabric is gorgeous. I really like that the front is asymmetrical. :)

    1. Hi, Catie! Oh, thank you. My back is some better but I can still feel it. Like it's planning a coup...just waiting for me to make the wrong move. haha. I'll keep doing my PT and it will just take time. Thanks, re: quilt. I do LOVE that thing. So glad it's finished!

  2. This year the 7 year old decided to do some original artwork for her valentines. When she was done, I scanned the image and printed out a bunch "wallet size" on cardstock so that she could give them out to her friends. Turned out so fun and she was thrilled to give something out that she made without having to make 20 of them. :)


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