Monday, May 11, 2015

ooga chakka, ooga ooga ooga chakka...thing 2 is eleven

Mixtape! It really surprises and gratifies me how anticipated these birthday soundtrack CDs are. The girls still get so fired up about them and I get such a kick out of my little birthday ritual: putting it in the player and turning the volume up to a really obnoxious level to greet them on their birthday morning. They emerge from their bedrooms with sleepy smiles and then park themselves in the living room to listen to the whole thing beginning to end. Dancing and lip synching may occur at any time. (Usually that's me.)

This one starts out with Hooked on a Feeling (this kid is really into anything Marvel and Guardians Of The Galaxy was one of her favorite movies this past year) so the unmistakable and stomach vibrating Ooga Chakka started the whole thing off in style. That movie has one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a while! (And also includes a boy who really loves his mother's awesome mixtapes.)

Here's the whole playlist. It's a smattering of sounds she's really into right now (Ellie Goulding, Paul Simon, Rainbow Rocks) and memories from the year.

She was birthdayed in style and made a weekend of it with a spend the night party at her Nana's, shopping trip, family dinner and ice cream cake. I tried this one this year and it was quite tasty. I'm a big fan of ice cream sandwich cakes because of the minimal prep time. I relaxed my usual rule about subbing in real whipped cream for the Kool Whip for the sake of ease and regretted it. I don't think Kool Whip is actual food. It has a weird mouth feel. But my husband got the really short end of the stick because I sent him out to get the 'easy' ingredients and he found there was 1) no blondie ice cream sandwiches 2) no fresh strawberries. ANYWHERE. In May! What in the world? He went to four stores and two berry farms before arriving home triumphant. Poor guy.

Here's birthday girl on the left with big sister on the right modeling her mommy-made tiered skirts. You can see nothing's changed. She wore the blue skirt to worship yesterday. I plan to make more. So easy. Here's the tutorial if you are interested.

She's shown an interest in polymer clay lately so I got her this super cute book with the polymer clay included. It usually shows through that little window in the cover but we've already opened everything. It's a great way to get introduced to the techniques and each charm is a minimal time committment. You can see she's already made two charms. It's a really well-done book. I'd recommend it.

I also got her some air dry clay so she could test them both and this book to go along with it, which is also fantastic: 

She also discovered our old stash of Far Side books a few months ago. I'm a bit envious of her getting to see the genius that is Gary Larson for the first time. I remember absolutely doubling over, unable to breathe when reading Far Sides way back when. We got her Gallery Four because she's worn out the ones we have. That girl loves to laugh.


  1. 11 is a very very good age.
    Congratulations to her.
    Big score on the cool gifts.

  2. Ooga chakka's bringing back memories! :) I love what you do for your girls' birthdays... such fun! I like the charm kit idea a lot! Do you think an 8-yr-old could handle that?

    1. Yup, Grandma G, it’s just rolling balls and making snakes, mostly. I think she could do it. The book’s really well done, breaks it down to simple steps. Amazon has a handy 'look inside' feature if you want to peruse some pages.

  3. Lovely birthday celebrations, you did a great job on the skirts, mix tapes and memories they've created. (The Far side is written by Gary Larson rather than Ted)

    1. Hey, Sew Ruby, haha, good grief what was I thinking? Ted. haha. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I'm with you all the way on "Kool Whip". We call it a petroleum by-product.


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