Friday, May 13, 2016

Early Bird/Night Owl Sample Sale!

Time to sell three of my prototype samples, shown above. These reversible pillow guys vary slightly from the proportions of the final pattern but they are still cute and flippable and need a nice home. Is it with you?

Etsy sale goes live Saturday, May 14th, at noon EST. Shipping within the USA only.

Here are front and back shots:

First we have Milo/Binkley with yarn poms. 
He varies from the final pattern with the length of his tail/beak and the angle of the early bird vest and pocket:

Then we have Rose/Violet with yarn poms. 
She varies from the final pattern with the length of her tail/beak:

And lastly we have Oscar/Felix with fuzzy poms. He varies slightly from the final pattern in the shape of his body, angle of his eyebrows, angle of vest and pocket, and length of his tail/beak. 

More details as to materials, care, etc... will be in the Etsy listings, which will be available on 5/14 at noon EST. Thanks!

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