Wednesday, August 31, 2016

what I've been up to, Pt 2

Getting geared up and organized for school. Buying used textbooks and new pens. And skinny jeans. Organizing our school carts. I've decided I need one more cart. For me! Adding it to the IKEA list.

We attend a Christian homeschool hybrid academy for the last two years. We absolutely love it. However, it snuck up on me this year. Even though everyone else I know has been back in school for several weeks. I cannot think how the whole summer has actually got by me like this. Was I clubbed over the head? Did I fall through a wormhole?

Y'all. I have a high schooler this year. NOT POSSIBLE.

Pretty paper in your binder covers helps make up for some shocks to the system. A bit. Totally justifies hoarding all those gorgeous Rifle Paper Company calendars I've bought over the years. They make capital binder inserts! Cut to fit and slip it in. Tired of the picture? Whip it out and put another in.

Undoubtedly buying another pretty pretty one this fall for future binders! Have you seen that Geninne Zlatkis has a Feathered Friends calendar out? Sold!

Also I have been furniture shopping because my well-loved leather sofa and loveseat now have tape on the cushions covering actual holes. TAPE, people. My mother would be shocked and appalled. But not duct tape. I draw the line there. Because clear packing tape is way more classy.

Worn out furniture kind of snuck up on me too. That's my theme this summer, I guess. So this^ is the gray fabric for the new sofa and loveseat (left) and blue fabric for the chair (middle). I get pillows thrown in also so I chose the mustard dot (right) for those. Now I have to wait several weeks for the new stuff to arrive so I'd better put a fresh patch of tape on the couch in case company comes.

In entertainment news, I read this book recently. Wow. I loved it. Such a well-crafted and delightfully creepy story! I recommend it to you. I'm trying out The Nightingale at the moment.

It's possible I've been burning an inordinate amount of time on South Korean dramas. I'm hooked bigtime. Both my girls lean over my shoulder to see what I'm watching on Netflix and if they see subtitles they immediately roll their eyes and groan "not another Korean drama!". What do they know, anyway? I keep insisting to them it's educational. I know how to say 'hey', 'hello', 'no', 'wait a minute', 'thank you', 'I'm sorry', and 'yes, your majesty' in Korean. I'm burning with curiosity to taste kimchi.

Anyway, the dramas are not all fantastic of course but I have seen some really great ones! The pacing is set on slow and the acting style can be a bit over the top, so brace yourself. I think I might be slightly in love with Yoo Ah In. *eyes drifting up and to the side, dreamy smile*
If you are curious I highly recommend: Moon Embracing The Sun (top photo), The Slave Hunters (middle photo) and Sungkyunkwan Scandal (bottom photo).
(Yoo Ah In plays the role of Moon Jae Shin in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He's adorable.)

And of course I've watched Stranger Things along with the rest of humanity. Dug it so much. High fives to Winona Rider! She was so fantastic. I confess I had to watch some of it with a pillow over my face. All the 80s nostalgia (man, those clothes and hairdos were spot-on) and a government conspiracy worthy of the X-files. Thumbs up! I never did play Dungeons and Dragons but I tell you I was friends with exactly the same type of close-knit nerd boys who did.


  1. have you seen "Descendants of The Sun" ??
    its korean drama.

    1. Hey, PrincessDija, no I haven't seen that but I want to! I hear it's really good but it's not available yet on iTunes or Netflix or Amazon Video. :-( I'll have to wait.

  2. It happened to you too! :) I highly recommend Coffee Prince, She Was Pretty and Healer - my top 3 all time faves so far! :)

  3. It happened to you too! :) I highly recommend Coffee Prince, She Was Pretty and Healer - my top 3 all time faves so far! :)


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