Monday, September 5, 2016

birthday mixtapes!

Another year, another birthday mixtape for each of my girls. I kinda thought they might be aging out of these because they are forming their own very definite tastes in music that inexplicably vary from mine. What could be cooler than MY taste in music? It's mystifying.

So I asked my oldest if she just wanted to get an iTunes gift card this year instead of a curated mixtape of music that she might not like. And she said no, she definitely wants the mixtape.

So, yay! That made me happy. Because these are fun to make. We'll take it a year at a time. My taste might be too lame by next year.

Thing 2 Turns 12!
My youngest's birthday was in May. This mixtape opens with an awesome song by Black Box Recorder that sounds like an English boarding school headmaster lecturing the kids, and ends with Summertime Summertime. Perfectly appropriate as her birthday happened to fall on our last day of school for the year.

Thing 1 Turns 14!
My oldest has a birthday in August. I just couldn't whittle this list down, so it's a bit long. I wanted to give her a bunch of songs I thought were cool when I was her age, plus some new ones (and new to her) she might like. I kept thinking of more as I went along. I like to start strong on track one with a hair-raising blast of sound because I play these CDs to wake them up on their birthdays. Have I mentioned how they love that? The Blur song was the perfect choice.

We'll see what goes next year. They both have quite a music collection from these mixtapes by now since I've been doing it for six years.


  1. Obviously those mixtapes are very special to them. Don't be surprised if you're still doing it when they turn 40! :)

  2. I used to get mixed cd's from Josh as gifts and loved them - still do - so I think this is GREAT. They will always treasure them - and they are getting a good musical edcuation too - ha........woohoo!

  3. That Bangles album was my first ever received tape!! Love that second mix as it very much reminds me of being a kid. Kudos for including Taco. Kids today need to know these things.


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