Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Great Scott! I hope your Halloween was happy.

Marty McFly (L)    Dr Emmett Brown (R)

My daughters chose to be the coolest time traveling duo from the 80s, and that is why they are awesome. I kept telling Thing 2 she had to wear purple underwear to really go for authenticity but she waved me off. It's unbearable when your parent refers to your underwear in any way.

We cobbled these outfits together from our own stash (big, ugly digital watch, aviators, t-shirt, jeans), nice folks at church (tool belt and Hawaiian shirt, thanks Dave and Corey!) and the rest purchased items. I couldn't believe we found that criss-cross patterned shirt at the thrift store. What luck! And this year Old Navy had the iconic orange vest (got it on sale *kaching*). The hazmat suit was a cheap painting coverall from Home Depot (way too big, had to alter) and I added the orange tape and the big radiation symbol on the back.

Super fun! I hope they coordinate their outfits again next year. And I hope we have a colder Halloween next year. Gah. Too warm, Georgia!

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  1. Back to the future, My all time favorite movie. I remember I have seen it like thousands time and enjoyed it everytime. Thanks for refreshing some old memories here


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