Thursday, November 23, 2017

black friday/small biz saturday/crafty sunday/cyber monday -- in short, there's a sale.

Have you been waiting? My annual pattern sale is here! 20% off your purchase of any digital patterns in my Etsy shop. If you purchase an already discounted pattern bundle that means even more savings!

There's a new sales tool on Etsy, so that means I can just create and apply a blanket sale without a coupon code, which I know you won't miss. It feels weird not to have a coupon code, but it's also awesome. If you are anything like me, nine times out of ten you leave the checkout thinking "BLAST IT, I forgot to use my coupon! AGAIN!" Well, thanks, Etsy! Problem taken care of. *clap-dusting hands*

This is how I like to do all my Black Friday shopping: in my comfy chair, wearing pajamas. I wish you guys a peaceful and happy weekend, and yes, you may now play Christmas music.

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  1. Thanks so much for the sale! I love your shop and patterns!


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