Monday, August 13, 2018

and we have a winner...

Hey, guys, thanks for partying with me like it's 2008 by leaving comments on my 10th blogiversary old school giveaway! I read each and every comment and really enjoyed getting a glimpse into your past and present thoughts and lives. One overarching theme appeared as I read through: change.

Ten years has brought change to all of our lives. Some change was welcomed with joy: new career paths, new marriages, new sweet babies, new homes, new locales. Some changes you shared were heartbreakers of loss, adversity, sickness and sorrow. I just wanted to hug some of you! Another word occurred to me as I read your stories: hindsight. So many of you looked back on difficult or painful times and could now see clearly how those things were necessary or even made beautiful with the passing time.

What's clear to me, as I gain more gray hair by the minute, is that all change in our lives challenges us to grow. Looking back over the ten year span I think we can all of us see how change has made us stronger, and the new strength is an inseparable part of who we are. Thanks for helping me to reflect more deeply on the time that has passed and how to redeem whatever time my Creator may grant me in the future. I pray God blesses you all, and that the next ten years bring you peace and joy!

Comments on the anniversary post are officially closed and the randomly generated winner is:

kkbroc, aka Kristie!

Her comment:
Ten years ago I found your Molly Monkey free pattern to make for my daughter's 6th birthday. I now have 6 children and can give you an amen as I too have been homeschooling all these years. I love your ornaments and would love to win this!!!

Congratulations, Kristie! Six children are such a blessing! *High fives* to a fellow homeschooler and extra props for your large student body. I hope you enjoy the sewing patterns that you choose! Thanks for providing your email address. Look for me in your inbox!

Thank you to everyone who helped me make this 10th birthday a proper occasion! (Did you miss the Etsy sale? No worries, my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale will still be happening in November!)


  1. From a fellow home educator of four, congratulations Kristie!!

  2. Thanks so very much! I teared up when I saw my name because I was so happy. I cannot wait to make some of your beautiful ornaments!!

    1. Hey, Kristie, awwww, that makes my day! Let me know if you received my email. Congratulations again! :-)

  3. It has been years since I sewed felt ornaments. The ones I made were of Snoopy, when my kids were young. But I have admired your ornaments for quite some time now, and I decided to downloaded your gold ring pattern. I figure it would be an easy ornament to start with. Also as a gift for my Granddaughter who just got married. So, we will see. And if all goes well, I may do all of them. They are such beautiful ornaments! You are very creative. I hope other ornaments will follow.

    1. Hi, Dots! Thanks so much! My mom still has the felt ornaments that were on our tree when I was little. I hope you enjoy sewing the Gold Ring. Actually I think that one might be more challenging than starting with the first one. The ornaments line up from easiest to most challenging I think in numerical order. Yes, I am planning other ornaments! Merry Christmas to you! :-)


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