Monday, July 18, 2011

micah's tooth marshal

This latest Tooth Marshal was made for a very special baby boy Micah and given at the shower this past weekend. I had fun doing him up in chaps and a mustache this time. I made some changes to the way I sew the pocket too, so that it is not glued at all but is a floating pocket that's sewn all the way around. I like that better. I also made the pocket a bit bigger. Wow, the light was really dismal the day I took these! It's hard to see the colors clearly, but his gun belt and mustache are brown. It's fun to think of future big boy Micah tucking his little teeth in the pocket.


  1. I love your tooth pattern. The Tooths are very cute!
    Greets Dany

  2. How cute! He's going to be pulling at his teeth as soon as he can. :)

  3. Way.Too.Cute!! Love those chaps!

  4. oh my goodness. that is fantastic!


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