LodeStar series

LodeStar means guiding star, and I'm excited to be working on this two-pattern series of hand sewn wool felt stars to add some sparkly magic to your Christmas tree. 

NOTE: The stitches and skills required for these patterns are not advanced, but they do require patience! This is SLOW sewing! The LodeStar ornaments are beginner friendly and each can be made in two crafternoons. If you are making a tree topper, there are many pieces and lots of stitches. Slow and steady wins the day. 

You will be guided through each project step-by-step with my clear, detailed instructions and illustrations. The secret to making all my heirloom series is Sulky Stick 'n Stitch. Simply print the pattern on the stabilizer, peel and stick it to wool felt, then stitch right on the lines. 

Ramp up the sparkle and shimmer: The LodeStar series is an ideal way to showcase metallic or glitter felts in combination with regular wool felts! 

Tag me! Love to see what you make in this series. #mmmcrafts and @mmmcrafts on IG.


Pattern No. 2 – LodeStar Ornaments
This is the 2nd and final pattern in this short series. I'm currently working on it and it will feature two beginner friendly star ornaments: the original and a Bethlehem star variation. Both will use basic shapes and stitches. A combination of metallic and wool felts (or all metallic) is recommended. This pattern will be available in plenty of time for Christmas mmmaking.


Pattern No. 1 – LodeStar Tree Topper
This is the first of two patterns in this short series. Inspired by my own long and fruitless search for the perfect Christmas tree star, this pattern not only guides you to make a lovely heirloom tree topper or pendant, but also shows you how to repurpose parts of it to make ornaments, mini ornaments, mini tree topper and garland. Also included are tips to make an 'easy button' version which omits the embroidery and uses fewer sequins. One of the best features is the lollipop stick attachment. If you've ever shared my frustration with the cones which come attached to retail tree toppers, you will love the lollipop stick. Very easy to attach and stays straight!
SKILLS NEEDED: Backstitch, whipstitch, beading, cutting various shapes
Purchase tree topper pattern | Benzie color guide

LodeStar Tree Topper Finished size is 11.5 x 11 x 2 inches, not including the lollipop stick. Including the dowel it's 17 inches tall

Once it's in place on your tree, the topper will add about 8-10 inches of additional height. It's secured to your tree with either matching pipe cleaners or zip ties. I recommend a tree in the range of 7-8 feet for the optimal proportions, but it may work for other sizes too. 

I have designed the look of LodeStar to fit in well with my other heirloom ornaments, so they will make a lovely complement to your MmmCrafts tree. There are endless color possibilities, which makes it easy to match your own Christmas decor. I used Benzie Design felts to make my samples, and you can make stars just like them by using my detailed color guides.

Short on time? Lodestar is easy to simplify. Omit the embroidery and keep the sequins. Or omit both and use a combo of glitter/metallic felts for visual interest. Still so charming!

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Q: ARE THESE DIFFICULT TO MAKE? Nope! All it takes is patience plus some basic hand sewing know-how. If you can do a backstitch, whipstitch, sew on beads/sequins, and cut out star shapes, then you can make this series and make it well. The secret to success is Sulky Stick 'n Stitch. All you have to do is print my designs on the stabilizer, then embroider/bead right on the lines. Like all of my patterns, there are detailed step-by-step instructions and diagrams/photos to make the process fail safe. 
Click here to see how Sulky Stick 'n Stitch actually works - it's so awesome.

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In short, yes, at least for the pattern pages themselves to print on regular paper, and also to print or copy the pattern pages to the Sulky stabilizer. Once you have a master set of pattern pages on regular paper, keep 'em handy. Then you can use a copier. Suggestions:
  • Perhaps you have a friend/son/daughter/life coach/tolerant neighbor/secret crush that has a printer you can borrow?
  • Perhaps you work somewhere that will allow you to print a few personal pages?
  • Libraries and churches often have copiers and printers you may use and may charge per page.
  • Note: office supply stores will not print my patterns without checking with me first because my patterns are copyrighted. Just contact me via my Etsy shop if you run into that issue: mmmcrafts.etsy.com

Q: WHERE DO I BUY THE MATERIALS like wool felt, stabilizer, sequins, Pellon, and other stuff needed?
I have lists of US sources for materials in the back of all my patterns. Also Benzie Design usually puts together lovely kits for my patterns that include most of what you need!

Q: I'M OUTSIDE THE US. WHERE DO I BUY THE MATERIALS like felt, stabilizer and other stuff needed? 
I've compiled a short list of international wool felt vendors here, recommended to me by their customers. Also, Benzie Design gladly ships internationally.

I specify several kinds of metallic flosses and threads in my patterns to give my Christmas patterns some lovely holiday sparkle. Check out this blog post to get the skinny on what they are, where to get them, and what they each do best. 

If you read my reviews on Etsy, you'll often see comments about how thorough and detailed the instructions in my patterns are. Purchasing my patterns is more akin to purchasing a craft class, and I include lots of tips and tricks within the instructions. However, click the graphic below for additional methods I have posted about that will help you perfect your techniques:

  1. In the earliest upload, there was a minor error in finished size on pages 3 and 10. The finished size of the tree topper star is 11.5 x 11 x 2 inches (without the dowel). The correction does not affect the pattern in the slightest.
  2. On page 10, I clarified step 39 by adding "BOTH:" to the beginning.

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ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE with washing away the Sulky stabilizer? Does it still feel gummy/sticky no matter how many times you soak it? Please read this post!

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  1. when will we know when the tree topper is available to purchase? I love it and would like to purchase when it's available. I love making the 12 days of Christmas ornaments!

    1. Hey there! It's currently underway and I always post about it on all my channels anytime there's an update like a pattern release. :-) IG, FB, blog and Pinterest.

  2. Do you wash the glitter felts as well if using the sulky ? Any special precautions?

    1. Hey Glenda! No, I do not pre-soak the glitter or metallic wool felts. Because of the coating, they do not shrink overall even though the wool side does shrink and cause them to curl some. I find that relaxes as you sew the parts together.

  3. I was just looking for this answer! Thanks

  4. Gorgeous pattern and so easy to follow! A note you might want to add to the instructions: I ironed the pieces from the back with the iron on wool setting, as instructed, and I ended melting some of my sequins! I guess I was a little too vigorous or the iron was a little too hot


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