Lodestar series

Lodestar means guiding star, and I'm excited to finally be working on this short series of handmade wool felt stars to add some sparkly magic to your Christmas tree. These projects will be an ideal way to showcase metallic or glitter felts in addition to regular wool felts. 

There are no patterns available yet, but the first is underway! I'll post updates on all my channels when there is news.

I have designed Lodestar to coordinate well with my other ornament series. So many color possibilities, and lots of room for variation so that you can match your other ornaments and overall Christmas decor. 

Is it difficult to make? All it takes is some basic hand sewing know-how and patience. If you can do a backstitch and whipstitch and cut out star shapes, you can make this, and make it well. With Sulky Stick 'n Stitch, all you have to do is print my design and embroider/bead on the lines. Like all of my patterns, there will be detailed step-by-step instructions and diagrams/photos to make the process fail safe.

Short on time? Lodestar is very easy to simplify by keeping the sequins while omitting the embroidery. Still so charming, especially if you use metallic or glitter felts! Also, if your Christmas tree always backs up to a wall, you can opt to skip all decoration on the back side of the tree topper.

I plan on releasing patterns for a tree topper/pendant, and matching beginner friendly ornament for this series. There will also be an option for those of you who have mini-trees for a mini tree topper and mini ornament.

Sulky Stick 'n Stitch is key to making this project go swimmingly, just like my other heirloom ornament patterns. Because the tree topper has so many pieces, you can save sheets of Stick 'n Stitch by opting to trace the interfacing pieces yourself, using freezer paper or going old school and tracing around a card stock pattern piece.  

Right now I'm working on the first pattern in this series: the full sized tree topper/pendant pattern. You can see more details about that here.

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