Wednesday, January 26, 2022

minor update to Santa Claus pattern

ATTN: 'TWAS THE NIGHT MMMAKERS: I'm making a minor update to the Santa Claus pattern if you'd like to do the same. Santa's hanging loop was originally attached at the top of his collar because I was concerned that the attachment might pull his hat out of shape over time. That's been bothering me because it's not ideal. 

I was recently made aware of a typo in the TTN patterns (I spelled Q-Tip "cue tip" LOL) so while I'm correcting that in the PDFs, I'm going to adjust the directions in Santa Claus to move the loop attachment to the back of his hat, just above the rim (as shown in the photo above). At that spot, the glue holding the hat on his head should keep the loop from pulling the hat out of shape.

If you'd like, make a little note to that effect on your patterns. But you can also keep attaching it on his collar, if you prefer! The advantage with that is you can turn or angle his head without effecting the angle at which he hangs. :-)

Monday, January 24, 2022

what I'm up to

Hey guys! Happy January. Trying to keep warm in the house is a winter-long project for me. Note my perpetually red (drippy) nose. So charming. I routinely wear scarves and coats inside the house, especially as my fave spots are near windows. I received some much-enjoyed and also ridiculous looking but super warm socks for Christmas. (Thank you, Schmoopie!) And the hot coffee and tea ever floweth over here, of course! We are also in the midst of a dispute with a group of flying squirrels for possession of our attic, and so far they are winning.

I’m busy busy working on the next pattern in the 'Twas the Night series, and I’m excited to show you once I have anything photo worthy. Not yet, though! It's in the very preliminary stages. 

I hope you guys are keeping well? We are passing around the usual winter assortment of viruses and colds. My poor Thing 1 got out of Covid jail at college over the weekend. It snuck right past her vax and whacked her with a headache, body aches, fatigue, and head cold. She's feeling much better now, but says she noticed she can't taste spicy things. Everything else, yes. Spicy stuff, no. That's just bizarre. Sigh. Errbody taking a turn with the new variant, looks like! 

Back to sewing! Y'all stay cozy. Except for my Australian friends – y'all stay cool. :-)

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