Thursday, September 15, 2022

details, details...

Details, details...

Trying out the best way to include the pitiable little figures of Ignorance and Want while still keeping the outward cheerful Christmas Present aesthetic. I confess I had ruled out including these two hidden children for simplicity's sake, but a comment from a follower on Facebook sent me down this irresistible rabbit hole. (You know who you are, Ursula. :-) Thanks.)

It is an interesting challenge to hide them well underneath the robe, and they will make a lovely little Easter egg for any Dickens fan who peeks inside the robe just in case. 

I'm rolling my chair across the carpet from my work table back to the Mac now, armed with a new round of adjustments for the next version. It should go much smoother adding these details as I sew instead of after the fact, like here. Better finishing.

I'm also still working out the details of the magical torch (mostly happy with it) and the best method to hang the empty scabbard from his belt. I'm leaning toward something allowing a little free swing action and maybe a tiny bell somewhere. Because bells are fun.

Simplicity. *snorts* Bah! 

Friday, September 9, 2022

handy tips to troubleshoot your Etsy downloads

Having a bit of trouble? Here are a few tips which will make your Etsy purchasing and downloading experience go smoothly!

1) Avoid signing in to Etsy with other apps, like Facebook or "Sign In With Apple"
Instead, log in using your actual email address and password. 90% of the troubleshooting messages I get are due to these two issues:

a) A shopper has purchased via a second Etsy account which they created accidentally by signing in with a different app like Facebook or Google, or because they forgot their password.

b) A shopper used Apple's secure sign-in feature, which substitutes a temporary relay email for their real email address and thereby jams a wrench in the download verification spokes. (You can manage which of your apps use this feature to avoid this going forward.)

2) Use a current, valid email address.
Etsy downloads are keyed to the email address on your account or the one used for your guest purchase. If there's an old email address on your account, it will cause weeping and gnashing of teeth. Please note: I do not email patterns as they are generally too large to attach to an email. Downloading them from Etsy is the fastest and best way to receive them. Here's how to update your Etsy email.

3) Forgot your password?
No worries, happens to us all. Try this

4) To download, use (not the mobile Etsy app).
The Etsy mobile app and the Etsy website are two different ways to access your account. The Etsy app is great to make and manage purchases on your mobile, but alas, the Etsy app cannot download your digital files. To download from either a mobile device or computer use a browser (like Safari or Chrome) and go to*.
*Your phone may try to 'help' by automatically opening the Etsy app if you go to Be sure to dismiss the app if that happens. If it's causing confusion, try closing the app or using a desktop or laptop to download.

5) If you get a permissions error when trying to access your downloads, chances are it's because of a third party login or a second Etsy account (see no. 1). Contact me via Etsy with your name and/or order number and I will happily check on it for you.

6) Need to re-download? No problem.
Access your patterns anytime in your purchase history at For a guest purchase, you must download via the links in your Etsy email receipt.

7) Back up your Etsy guest purchase in your account.
If you purchased as a guest (without logging in to your Etsy account) the only way to download your patterns is via the Etsy email receipt. It's easy to connect your guest purchase to your Etsy account so that you may access it later.

8) If possible, print via a desktop or laptop computer as opposed to a mobile device. You'll find the print menu has more options which allow you to override presets and print the pattern pages at the correct size.

STILL STUCK? No worries, please contact me via Etsy and I'm happy to help you! I can check on your order and try to help you troubleshoot.

Things I can't do:

- Resend your Etsy email receipt. Those are generated magically by wizards at Etsy. Or possibly by other means. If it's missing, check your spam/junk folders.

- Refund orders which have already been downloaded. Unless it is a duplicate pattern order. Those I'm happy to refund! Just contact me via my Etsy shop.

- Look up your felt/floss/materials kit orders. Those are not purchased from my shop and you should contact the vendor directly with any questions.

- Solve your general internet, computer, or printer issues. Keep in mind I'm an art major. I do try, but there is only so much I can do remotely, and I'm 100% not an IT expert. If you are having technical difficulties, it's better to ask a savvy someone close by who can look over your shoulder.

- Email all your patterns to you. Typically they are too large to attach to emails and it is not a reliable way to send them. If you accidentally made a purchase using an inaccessible email, I'm happy to cancel and refund any order you did not download so you can try again with a valid email address.

- Send printed patterns via snail mail. Even if you kindly offer to pay shipping, I do not have the capacity or time to ship printed patterns to either hither or yon. 

Thanks, y'all! :-)

Monday, September 5, 2022

sneak peek of next Ebenezer ornament

Guess who? Here is a sneak peek of the next ornament pattern in my Ebenezer ornament series, straight from my work table. This prototype ornament is fairly close to final, but he’s missing his magical torch and empty scabbard. 

He's been living on paper and in my head for a long while so he leapt out fully formed and didn't give me much trouble design wise. A refreshing change! I'm hoping to have this finalized and in the shop in plenty of time before Christmas -- wish me luck.