Monday, September 30, 2013

fall card for Robyn

Just as I'm ready to wear tights and make soup in Georgia, Robyn is sporting lawn tank tops and making cold salads in Rio. I thought I'd send a little northern hemisphere back with her on her birthday card to remind her that somewhere there are leaves turning and days shortening and friends missing her.

Friday, September 27, 2013

felt WIP

Just me, Netflix, floss, felt and beads. Little project underway for someone I love.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

tweaking and staging

I staged and took a bunch of photos a few days ago for the new Wee Princess Pea pattern. I'm hoping to finish up editorial tweaks and list the pattern by the first weekend in October. Time keeps slipping away. Where the heck did September go?

Friday, September 20, 2013

coupla cards

If you have some time, paper scaps, fabric scraps and glue you have all you need to whip out some cards and save yourself some cash. It's a great excuse to be a hoarder. Top card is for my soon-to-be niece's wedding shower, bottom card is for my Mom's birthday. Guess where she's going?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

fall fabric and pretty crochet trims

 AMH and Kaufman linen blends

Crochet trims found at my local Jo-Ann

Fall always puts me in a fabric buyin' and sewin' mood. I make big plans to sew for me and the girls every year and they fizzle because fall also puts me in a pattern designin' mood. But it could still happen. I have loved that Anna Maria Horner Field Study for a long time and splurged on 4 yards of my favorite colorway. I'm seeing a dress of some kind for me. And I had to snag more of the Kaufman Essex also because I love the Wiksten tank I sewed in the blue so much.The fabric is just so nubbly and drapey and good. I'm not sure what I'll do with that. I thought if I ever get around to making a second go at the Wiksten Tova dress it could be so good in that Essex. With tights! And clogs! Sigh.

I was out a couple weeks ago buying supplies for the Wee Princess Pea pattern and was so captivated by the brightly colored cotton crochet trims that I bought some with a plan to make something like a nightgown for the girls. I saw this pin and thought it would be a pretty simple project to make, even with addition of some loose sleeves. Just need to make the time to do it!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

late for brunch

 "Ellora, the Queen says brunch is getting cold. Put down the book already and let's go."

 "Inna minute."

I have pattern testers all lined up (thank you thank you thank you) and I'm putting the finishing touches on the Wee Princess Pea pattern now! I hope to have the PDF pattern available in the shop in late September. 

This is a doll project that will be a delight and challenge to anyone who loves crafting, sewing, tins, doll houses and mini-anything. A couple of readers have asked about doing this project with their kids. While the finished toy is designed for school age kids, and while you could certainly include craft-savvy kids in the process, this is more of an adult skill project.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

fall scrap card for Leigh

Here's a scrap card how-to if you get inspired to make some of your own. I know it's not officially autumn yet, but I can pretend. Isn't September such a pretty word? *dreamy sighhhh* Fall is my favorite. With the buckets upon buckets of summer rain that were poured over Georgia (thank you, Father) I'm crossing my fingers for some eye popping tree leaves.

Bring on the pumpkin spiced everything.

In related news, I updated the blog's masthead with pretty pretty fall colors and a cinnamon stick. If you are reading via RSS, pop over to the mothership to see it. 

Happy birthday, big sis. I looooooove youuuuu. Wanna trade birthdays? But not ages. Haha. (Ducking)