Saturday, June 18, 2016

Swan a-Swimming sneak peek

UPDATE: This pattern is now available!

First look at a completed wool felt Swan a-Swimming ornament, no. 7 in my Twelve Days series. I'm still working on the digital pattern and life is a bit hectic at the moment with Stuff That Is Not Crafting. I have to get through the STINC and then back to the pattern. But am hoping to release it soon! Thanks for being patient!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

swan sewing sailing along swimmingly

Hard at work on the Swan a-Swimming pattern for you! For those of you who like to buy the Twelve Days felt and floss bundles from Benzie Design, starting with this pattern (no. seven) I will be repeating the bundle colors. So these samples will be done in the same bundle colors as the the first pattern, Partridge & Pear.

Which leads me to my apology. I kind of dropped the ball for Goose a-Laying with the bundle colors. My samples ended up in a lot of the same colors as Partridge & Pear also because I failed to think that through. Soooo I think I will do a unique bundle for the Goose a-Laying in some different colors in the coming weeks. I'm sorry about that! I had color bundle apathy at the time. Do you ever get that?