Sunday, March 15, 2020

these are strange times, y'all

Hello, people of the world! I love you!
From afar though. *blows kiss*

As we all try to navigate this coronavirus crisis, I pray for the renewed health and well-being of everyone around the globe affected by this virus. I pray especially for all those in seats of authority struggling to make tough decisions, and also for our healthcare workers. What a heavy burden they are bearing! We can do this, y'all. Let us love and serve one another.

You may have guessed I'm kind of an introvert, so our voluntary office/school closings and limited forays into society are not bothersome to me yet. HOWEVER, my teens and He Whom My Soul Loves are going kind of stir crazy. As homeschoolers we are already more isolated than most, so the further cancelation of their classes, worship, sports, dances, and social gatherings are a blow for them. BUT – these are small sacrifices to make when we consider current events around the globe.

In my home state of Georgia currently there are just shy of 100 confirmed cases, but I'm sure that means many more that are undiagnosed at this time. We are trying to do our part to keep the bell curve of infections shallow. God willing, we will be on the upside of this in a few weeks.

In the interim, I officially call an isolation single player craft party at my house. I'm feeling well and there's certainly plenty of time for me to sketch, design, and craft new ornaments. Ebenezer is underway. I'm not ready to show photos yet, but I will in due time.

Appropriately distanced air hugs for everyone!
*so many heart emojis here*