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Hey, guys, I love to see what you make
with my patterns and tutorials!

Tag me with @mmmcrafts and also #mmmcrafts.
Also add a hashtag for the pattern you are using, for instance,
#twelvedaysornaments or #twasthenightornaments
That makes it easy for others to find specific images. Search those hashtags to see items that others have shared!
Most popular tags:
#travelwee (or #travelwees)

Post your images to my page, and add the hashtags to make them searchable.

If you pin a photo of something you've made with my patterns, please share the pin with mmmcrafts! I'll add it to my board!

Are you looking for my old Flickr photo groups? I have deleted my Flickr account, so those may not be available anymore. But you can still share via Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest!

(The best way to see lots of photos of things I've made all in one place (besides this blog!) is to visit my Pinterest boards and Instagram feed.)


  1. Thank You for this post. Really helps on how to tag you for future IG photos on things we make. I love your work!


    1. Wow, Jeniffer, thanks so much! :-) I look forward to seeing your posts.

  2. My pattern is coming out in correct size as I've printed it on A4 paper; letter size paper is not easy to come by in my part of the world; any suggestions. the line that is supposed to be 4" is 3 11/16"

    1. Hey there! You can contact me more efficiently at Sorry this is a bit delayed. My designs will print at actual size on A4 paper as long as you have turned off the 'fit to page' setting in your print dialog box. Even though A4 is slightly longer and slimmer than US Letter the image area of the pattern will fit.

  3. My French Hen will be living in France, so to establish her bona fides she will arrive with a label saying
    'je suis une poule française.' This is probably the best bet, although there other words that mean 'hen.'
    The la-di-da option is ' je suis une Faverolles'; French chicken enthusiasts will know that the Faverolles originated in France (in the village of Faverolles) and is often called 'Faverolles française.'

    1. haha! I hope your fancy French hen has a safe journey. :-)


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