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Below are links to the color guides for every ornament sample I've made with Benzie felt, from every ornament series!

Benzie Design has long been one of my favorite places to purchase wool-blend felts. They have stellar customer service, quick shipping, and their felt, floss, sequins and beads are an absolute joy to work with! They will be very happy to help you with what you need. 

First, some handy links if you need them:
To buy any of my ornament series patterns:
To buy my personally curated Benzie felt palettes featured in these guides: Benzie's Etsy Shop

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  1. Twelve Days Ornament Series Color Guides
  2. 'Twas the Night Ornament Series Color Guides
  3. Ebenezer Ornament Series Color Guides
  4. LodeStar Series Color Guides