Q. Are you designing all twelve of the Twelve Days ornaments, and when is the series going to be completed?

A. Yes! I'm designing an embroidered felt ornament for all twelve days of the Twelve Days of Christmas song. If all goes well, I plan to be finished with series in the first half of 2017. My goal is to release patterns 7-10 in 2016. You can learn more about the series here.

Q. I love your handmade (fill in blank here), but I don't sew. Do you sell ready-made or custom order (fill in blank here)?

A. Pretty rarely. Right now time does not allow for any commissions or custom orders. Occasionally I might crank out some samples or needle books for the shop, and if I ever do I'll be sure to blog it. If you would like to find someone who sells handmade items from mmmcrafts patterns, a great place to start is the mmmakers list on my site.

Q. Are you going to make more needle books to sell? When?

A. I maaaaaybe plan to make more. Sometime in the nebulous future. Now that the DIY pattern is available in my Etsy shop I've moved on to other projects that are taking all my time.

Q. Where can I find empty Altoids® tins for the Wee Mouse Tin House pattern and the TravelWees pattern?

A. If you live in a cruel part of the mint eating world where you can't just go down to the corner drugstore and buy a delicious and refreshing tin of Altoids® Curiously Strong Mints, then you can buy them online directly from Altoids® or you can usually find them (fulls or empties) on Ebay.com.

If you are looking for generic tins, there are blank same-sized tins sold at various shops on Etsy and Ebay, for example at this shop:
A quick search will turn up several options.
(Disclaimer: Use due caution and read the fine print, like you would with any internet purchase!)
Also, there seems to be a good substitute in Barkleys® mint tins, or so I hear.

I'm always looking for good tin substitutes for any part of the world that is unlucky enough not to have Altoids® readily available, so let me know if you run into any!

Q. Where can I find faux shag fur for the TravelWees pattern?

A. Remnants are great for this pattern because the actual amount of fur needed for each TravelWee is quite small. Etsy.com and Ebay.com are ideal resources for that! Use 'synthetic shag fur' and similar terms in your search field and see what you can find. There are also some online fabric retailers that sell a good selection of synthetic furs.

Here are some I ran across with a quick search: (Disclaimer: Use caution and read the fine print, like you would with any internet purchase!)

Q. Where do you get your wool and wool-blend felt? And why do you recommend it, anyway?

A. Here's the skinny on wool felts:

Wool-blend felt is a mix of rayon and wool. There's a much MUCH wider color selection compared to acrylic felt, and large pieces are still an affordable price. I find it works well for lots of projects. I usually purchase my wool-blend felt from these wonderful vendors in 12 x 18 inch pieces:
http://www.etsy.com/shop/BenzieBazaarhttp://www.prairiepointjunction.com/12x18.htmlNote for buyers: Benzie Bazaar ships domestic and internationally, Prairie Point Junction ships domestic USA only.

100% wool felt comes in such rich colors and has a slightly heavier texture and more substantial feel than wool blend. I find it does especially well for detailed projects, like my needle books. I can personally recommend Felt On The Fly as a great source:
Why not acrylic craft felt? I don't usually recommend acrylic craft felt for use in my patterns (there are some limited exceptions!). While it is the most economical option and the most readily available at your local shop, the colors are typically limited, the texture is not great, and it is not very durable. It gets an unattractive halo of fuzz and pills after a short while. Small pieces will fray and pull apart. It might also melt if you iron it. Doh!

Q. Can I sell items that I make with your sewing patterns?

A. Yes, if you are a home sewer you can sew up a storm with your own little hands and sell the items, with some limitations. Please read them here!

Q. If you are a home schooler, how do you have time to blog and create patterns?

A. I don't watch much TV. I don't garden. I am a night owl. And being creative wins out over housework a lot. sigh. A lot.

Q. What kind of software do you use to make your patterns?

A. I use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Unfortunately, there is no magic button you press that writes the pattern and draws the diagrams. All the diagrams and drawings are done by me, either digitally or by hand. But I like doing it. I'm weird that way.

Q. I really like that No OMG graphic in your sidebar. Can I copy that on my blog?

A. I'd love for you to. Help yourself to that image by right-clicking and saving it. Use it and feel free to share it. It's a sentiment I'd love to see popping up everywhere.

Q. What exactly is a 'follower of Christ'?

A. I'm simply a Christian – 'follower of Christ' is a description of me, but not the name of my church. The church I worship with has "Church Of Christ" on the sign, but that is more of a description of who we are and who we worship than an official label. You can read more about my faith here.

Q. What curriculum do you use for home schooling?

A. We loved Sonlight. But I've never used anything else, so I'm not the best source for comparisons. I supplemented here and there with random other things I found, but I used Sonlight for the core up through 6th grade. After that we enrolled in a hybrid school that uses their own curriculum.

Q. I asked a question in your comments but you never emailed me. Are you too busy?

A. I try to answer all the questions I get from your comments within the comments themselves, so that if someone else has the same question they will get their answer before they have to ask. If you would like to get an email response, check the box that says "email follow-up comments to..." in the comment form. If you did that and I still didn't answer your question, I'm sorry! Sometimes I get distracted. Well, a lot actually. Sometimes I'm functioning on dangerously low caffeine levels. Just ask again, or you can always try me on my Facebook page: facebook.com/mmmcraftspatterns.

Q. If I send you my fabulous product for free, will you give it a rave review on one of your posts? *wink wink*

A. Everyone likes free stuff. No guarantees I will post anything about it. This is a personal blog. I don't post about things that aren't meaningful to me or that I'm not truly jazzed about. It's all about me. (Circling head with index finger)

Q. I'd love to post about one of your projects. Can I link to your blog/borrow a photo of it?

A. Links are always welcome, thank you! If you would like to borrow one of my photos, I'm happy for you to if you play along with the rules: Please only borrow a photo or two of a completed project. No in progress or tutorial photos/diagrams. And please always credit me with the photo, Larissa Holland, and provide a link to mmmcrafts.blogspot.com. Thanks.

Q. Can I republish one of your posts on my blog? I'll provide a link and everything.

A. Nope nope nope, thanks. I appreciate your interest and your links, but keep all my posts right here at ol' mmmcrafts.

Q. {Your frequently wondered question here}

A. {My pithy and possibly amusing answer here. Leave a comment below to start that ball rolling.}


  1. Thank you for sharing the OM* button, I will be posting that asap!

    I hear ya on crafting winning over house work!

  2. First of all, a compliment. You make lovely things. And you share them, which I appreciate.

    Secondly, a request. Last year you had a link to a tutorial on making retro stars on your left sidebar. Any chance you still have the link to that, because I've been thinking about it for a year?


  3. Ruth M, Hey there, and thank you. Alas, I took off the retro star link when a helpful reader said it was broken. It's now a private blog. Here is a link to it from How About Orange, maybe you can swing an invitation.

  4. No question, only comment: Those baby bunnies are the most adorable things I've ever seen.

    1. Hey, HiLLjO, even though this isn't a question I still have a reply: a big THANK YOU! What a sweet thing to say.

  5. I was curious to know where you buy your felt - none of the craft stores in my area have a good color selection and since you use it often (it seems) I figured you had found a place with good colors or a good price or both. Thanks!!

  6. Hi, none!
    That's an oft-asked question. I think I'll add it to the FAQ! See above for your answer.

  7. Hi Larissa
    I bought your Binky Bunny pattern some time ago and finally had some time to sit down and make one which I slightly tweaked as Masquerade Ball Bunny. I shared it and my blog and have referred you and your shop for the pattern. If you are curious my Bunny turned out..here is my blog:http://notaisihati.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/mmmcrafts/. God Bless from Melbourne, Australia

    1. notaishati, your bunny, mask and tutu turned out super cute! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey there! :)
    I just wanted to let you know that your blog is awsome! :D I can't wait to try out things and see more^^

    1. Jessica, how nice! So glad you like it here. Thank you!

  9. I love your simple, straightforward witness for Christ, sister! Oh, and your designs are beautiful, too...

    1. Hi, Junetta! Thanks so much for being my Barnabas today! I try to wear my faith on my sleeve and give the glory to God. Thanks for the encouragement!

  10. Thank you for your wonderful website and tutorials. Your website caught my attention because of the no OMG graphic. I purchased the Flora needle book pattern and enjoyed making it. So cute and practical.

    1. Hey, Debi O, wow, thanks so much. How nice! I'm so glad you found me and thanks so much for your purchase!

  11. Hi, i just want to say that i love your blog and that it looks great !
    I also have a crafts blog that i just started, please visit !

    1. Hey, Chew Kai Hung, thanks so much! Good luck with your craft blogging. It's such a fun outlet.

  12. Found some of you stuff in Pinterest and ended up trolling through your blog for a loooong time. Great stuff, loved it all, but particularly all the bits about your trip to Rio. I'm not a native but grew up there and it's a city that holds a very special place in my heart, although I've been living in London for more than 20 years now. Thanks for letting me share it again through your eyes!

    1. Ola, Graciela!
      Thanks so much for this sweet note. I'm so glad you found my blog. My trip to Rio was so great, what a beautiful country. I also loved my trip to London town (did you see those posts?) Luck you to live there! Have a lovely day!

  13. Do you have a tutorial or list of "how to" stitches? I'm not sure what a stay stitch is, but I will go looking for it on youtube.. :-) Thanks for your wonderful patterns!

    1. Hey, Jeannie! I mistakenly used 'stay stitch' on some older patterns when what I meant was more like a hidden triple stitch underneath to secure stitches. Thanks for asking!

  14. HI!
    I love your work and ordered the set of three this morning on ESTY. I haven't gotten an email. Do you know what I do next? Thanks!

    1. Hey, Elizabeth, you just log into your account and download the links you'll find with your purchase record. Thanks so much for your purchase and I hope you like the patterns!

  15. I am interested in buying all of the 12 days of Christmas patterns. Do you have a bundle price for all? Do you have a book with all of them?

    1. Hey, Patsy,
      Sorry, no book in the works. I will have a bundle for all twelve patterns when the series is complete, but it's only halfway done. You can stay current by following my blog or facebook page on pattern releases. I plan to release four more this year. There are currently bundles in the shop for 1-3, 4-6, or 1-6. mmmcrafts.etsy.com

  16. Hi, I was looking for something to keep my Sunday school kids attentive during worship service when I stumbled upon your page where I found exactly what I was looking for. Almost as if you you took the idea out of my mind. I was quite intrigued by your page and even more so when I realized we share the same faith. Your ideas and craft are quite amazing and i'm encouraging you to keep it up. I can already tell i'll be coming here quite a lot to get some Sunday school ideas ^_^

    1. Hi, Mel, thanks so much and welcome. I don't publish a lot of my Sunday School stuff here, it's mostly crafting-centric. But I'm glad you can use the activity sheet! We love it.

  17. Would I get two articles from one bundle of felt from Benzie ,ie.,1 and 7 of 12 days of christmas


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