Thursday, April 1, 2021

small change to the Little Elves pattern

ELF UPDATE: I made a small change to the Little Elves pattern, y'all. You can easily make the same minor change when you make your Elf Boy. Or not! It is completely up to YOU.

What's the change? I took 2 mm off the top of the knickerbockers so that they are slightly shorter. Have a look at the photos. Pink Elf on the left is the new one, and blue elf on the right is the old one. Notice the small difference? In turn, it makes the new Elf Boy ever so slightly shorter overall. Why the change? Just because I like it better. I won't get my feelins' hurt if you do not agree. Feel free to leave your pattern the way it is.

To make the same change on your existing pattern, draw a new cutting line 2 mm down from the waist edge, on BOTH front and back knickerbocker pieces. That's it! The waist will be ever so slightly wider, but you can trim if needed to match the torso. (The Etsy shop pattern has been updated as of this evening. You'll see R3/21 in the lower right corner of the revised pattern.)

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