Sunday, March 13, 2022

eureka! tiny Christmas tree

Finally! Loving this 1.5 inch felt tree waaay better for inside the house than the twisted pipe cleaner version from my earlier prototype. Easy to construct as well, and has a lot better visual payoff when you open the little tiny door. *sigh of relief as another detail locks into place in brain*

I'm banging away at this All Through The House pattern y'all, but between 1) the easier version 2) the harder version and the 3) gingerbread version there are one gagillion details to streamline for your crafting pleasure. It's only taking forever, but will be worth it. (hopefully LOL) 

Also thrown in the mix are all the deadlines and special things you do with a graduating senior as events ramp up. Yes. My last baby, Thing 2, graduates in May. Wasn't this just yesterday though?

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Another All Through the House preview

Hey Mmmakers! Another quick All Through The House pattern preview for you. It's the upcoming new pattern in my 'Twas the Night ornaments. (You can also see a short 20 sec video on my Facebook or IG feeds). See this post for the link to an earlier preview video which shows the surprise inside the blue house.
I just have no choice but to include a gingerbread variation in this upcoming pattern. No choice NOT to make tiny glitter bedecked pink shingles, gumdrops, candy canes and a little surprise inside (still working on that part, not happy with the latest). I love sparkle-ing ALL the tiny things with glitter! But y'all. Glitter gets everywhere. When I'm 1000 showers past my final house sample someone will say to me "Hey, do you know you have some glitter in your ear?"

If you plan on making this one, be sure to have Fabri-Tac glue on hand as well as the trusty ol' Aleene's Tacky Glue. The gingerbread variation shown here includes the Benzie Design Bellwether glitter felts in white and pink. Also the actual gingerbready color is their Nutmeg wool-blend, which is not included in the usual 'Twas the Night color palettes, so you will have to buy that separately if you'd like an authentic cookie color. I was also eyeing their Cinnamon pretty hard for that, and I think it would also work really well if it's already in your stash.

If the tiny detail on this ornament is making you a bit nervous, I can assure you this intermediate level pattern will be similar in difficulty to my other intermediate level ornaments ('Twas the Night and Ebenezer). I will include some harder/easier options for a few of the details, and also of course the usual VERY detailed step by step instructions. :-)

This pattern is still in development, but other patterns in this series (and lots more) are available in my Etsy shop: