Monday, February 27, 2017

drummer drumming and gray hair graying

What are you up to? I'm prototyping Mr Drumming Drummer, pattern number 9 in my Twelve Days Series. The process is stalled at the moment because we are in the middle of high school play rehearsals and all the busyness that comes with volunteering for the production.

Seems like school is taking most of my time these days. Like seven days a week. Home schooling for 7th and 9th grades is no joke, folks. Honestly, some days I want to crawl inside a pillow fort and barricade myself in with my coffee. Also I might need to ship my 12 year old to Siberia before Pre-Algebra is over. Love her but. Math. It seems unfair that during a time when teen girls usually have irrational hostility toward their innocent, well-meaning moms that I also have to be the target for school teacher hostility. Double dose. This too shall pass...This too shall pass...when they are twenty they'll LOVE ME.

Also I'm growing hair. Going Gray update! Here's where I am these days. Remember my tiny gray sideburns from December? I went for the all-over highlights that soften the line between my true gray roots and my dyed hair. I went to two different appointments a few weeks apart and both times clearly asked for GRAY highlights but I am still blonde. Blonde does not work well with my coloring.

I'll deal. It's not forever.

Also, new hair color problems:
1) Beloved wardrobe items that don't work well with my blonde/gray. Like the unfortunate sweater I'm wearing in the photo^. Clash-o-rama. I'm learning.
2) Startling acquaintances that have not seen me for a couple months. I keep forgetting I look a lot different than I used to. There's a few seconds lag there where they are mentally sorting it and telling themselves not to blurt out something about my hair.

My selfie skills leave a lot to be desired. I haven't figured out how to make myself look like Elle MacPherson. Puzzling. Anyhow, here's the back. It's darker behind. I have more gray up front. Actually these are not really showing the true level of gray, so here's an extreme closeup:

Now you have the full picture. About an inch and half or so of real gray followed by blonde. Can you see the tonal difference? I'm still holding firm to my resolve. I am LOVING not having to constantly worry about root camouflage. Loooooviinnnnng. Picture Julie Andrews on top of the alpine mountain singing for joy. That's me!