Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am the Frost Queen

...and I decree it shall snow!

This Frost Queen ornament was crafted recently just for Juliette. It was nice to sit down for some quiet time with just me and craft supplies and Vampire Dia--I mean Ken Burns' Civil War.

Juju's been a longtime cyber friend, and I admire (covet) everything that girl makes. She can make anything. She has a loom in her living room! Whatever she tackles, she masters. When she generously carved this feather stamp for me, I wanted to return the kindness. Juju is outnumbered by boys in her house, so I thought she needed a really girly girl ornament all her own. 

It was made using my Wee Princess Pea pattern with no mods except for the addition of the snowball scepter and hanging loop. Just thread a hanging loop through the bead before you attach the head and the glue holds it in place.

My favorite part is her icy blue hair! 
Hugs to you, Juju.

{My favorite holiday has arrived. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! Especially to Robyn, who is wizarding up an American feast for her small outpost in Rio de Janeiro. Love you, Robyn, and I'm so thankful for best friends today!

I can't express how blessed I feel to be gathered up in the controlled chaos and surrounded by the love of family today. And the food is pretty awesome too. I wish everyone the warmest (and tastiest) day today, chock full of love and the things that truly matter.}

Monday, November 18, 2013

Snow Bird ornament pattern available!

Time to sit down with a Christmas movie and get your hand sewing on! The Snow Bird ornament is now available in both shops for instant download:

I've made so many of these birds over the years, and I never get tired of it. They make special additions to your tree or lovely handmade gifts. The wool felt means they will last for years and years, if stored properly. I love to get out my felt ornaments each year. They are my favorites!

You know I like playing around with different color combos. I think it is so awesome to be able to make one to match whatever your favorite Christmas colors are, no matter how uncommon:

 I just made this retro pink one. I think pink looks so great on white Christmas trees. Some fine day I'm going to have one.

  I love gold tones too. This would be great on a woodsy foresty tree.

 Can't beat traditional red!

I always love turquoise and red together. A lot of my decorations are in this combo.

Happy hand sewing! 'Tis the season. I might be able to squeeze in a Partridge & Pear ornament pattern this holiday season too. It's my goal. I sort of lost my original patterns somewhere in the studio. I've ransacked the place and they are nowhere to be found. It's making me crazy.