Thursday, July 27, 2023

not even a mouse: prototype - year is in, chip is out

More prototype photos. I've found a placement for the year that I like the best – on the cup bottom where the maker's mark would be. Because the ornament hangs from the front rim edge at a slight angle, the cup bottom is at the back of the ornament.
The chip – meh. I don't think it adds much to the finished look, it's a pain to manage across the three sewn layers of the cup, and it seems to cause the cup rim to pull out of round. Three strikes – it's out. Maybe an optional embroidered crack instead.

I do like the embroidered ticking stripes on the pillow, but I'm going to try another version with more. Side Sleeper Mouse is the winner! But not happy with Mouse yet because eight year old inner Larissa insists that he can be removed from the blanket (because fun) and therefore he needs optional tiny arms and legs and a wee tail and the blanket needs to be secured somehow for easy in and out.
I envision small fingers tucking Mouse in bed with Teddy on the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature should be stirring, not even a mouse. A fun tradition to do on Christmas Eve?
But of course if your inner 40 year old says NO way to that because you don't wish for carefully handsewn Mouse to go MIA every year, you may certainly glue him and Teddy in place.

Several have mentioned a tiny tiny stocking, and you may be unsurprised to know that one had already been included in the pattern for trying out on the previous round. So far I haven't gotten to try the stocking because I'm still working out the bigger stuff. It may go the way of the chip. LOL

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

maybe a chip in the cup?

This teacup in progress will have a chip in it. If I like the chip I'll make it an option in the pattern. Little known fact: House mice are commonly known to repurpose your discarded china cups as their tiny little beds. Actually, that is not a little known fact nor a generally known fact because I just made it up, but it sounds true. 

The chip is part of another round of revisions and samples I'm making as I fine-tune all of the pattern pieces. I think I like this teacup embroidery pattern better than the previous coral pink cup (see earlier post), but I'll wait to see how it all looks sewn together. I can't believe I forgot to include the year on the cup somewhere. Doh! I'll have to work that in somehow. More photos to come!

This Not Even A Mouse pattern is the upcoming 5th pattern in my 'Twas The Night ornament series. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

not even a mouse: prototype

Couple of prototype photos of my new 'Twas The Night pattern in development: Not Even A Mouse!
This sample is by no means final, as I'm still experimenting with details. Cheese wedge was a fail. Not included. Teddy bear was lifted directly from my Wee Mouse pattern and it will be included for sure. I think the side sleeper mouse looks so cozy and snuggled in, so he will probably be the final mouse rather than back sleeper mouse. (But I find back sleeper mouse pretty charming and wanted to do another round of changes on him later, maybe a one-off ornament. Cute little guy with his stumpy legs. Needs fattening up though, bless him. And arms.)

The felt pillow is currently too small. I love the cotton ticking pillow from my Wee Mouse pattern, but I don't want to oblige you to buy special fabric for a less-than-2-inch pillow, so I'm trying a hand embroidered ticking stripe. I'm not currently happy with the embroidery designs on the cup or blanket, and blanket isn't the right size yet...Blah blah blah and about 50 more details I'm dithering about. On we go!

Not Even A Mouse is the upcoming 5th ornament in my 'Twas The Night Ornament Series. Shop all my patterns here!