Monday, May 14, 2012

waiting to be finished

Here's a Little Red WIP patiently waiting for her slippers, cloak and basket. I like to revisit my patterns when I have the time and try variations. I have been experimenting with some different versions of  her face and hair. I'm also mentally designing a loooong-planned Pippi pattern while I experiment with Little Red. It's fun to think of the possibilities. A school bag and a Mr. Nilsson are surely a must.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

papercut cards

I started an oversized version of the tole painting card for my mantel and so far it's a fail. Poop. So I put it aside for now and made two more hand-cut cards. I like the woodcutty feel to them, and the fact you can play with paper colors behind them. I'm looking into getting a Silhouette Cameo. It would be fun to design more things like this and just let the digital cutter get the crick in its neck for a change. Do you love yours?