Monday, August 30, 2010

worship notes for kiddos

Hey, everybody! I've had my head down and making a bunch of stuff, but nothing I can really share right now. I thought I'd share this though, if you would like it. It's a Christian worship activity page for your school-age kiddos that will keep them quietly occupied during worship while at the same time helping them to focus on what is going on.

I put it together recently for the congregation I worship with and it seems to work well, judging from all the quiet intentness from the little girls on our pew.

Click on the image above to see the full size version and right click to download it for yourself if you'd like to use it. Print it at full size on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

Please note: You are very welcome to download and share it, as is. Do not alter it in any way. If you'd like to customize it, please create your own unique version. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

cell phone cozies

This one for niece Erin

So I immediately found something to do with my new stash of felt. I need a cell phone cozy in the worst way for my purse. Love the purse, but it has no easily accessible pocket for the cell phone, and I'm constantly finding it just as the caller hangs up. So naturally I made two cell phone cozies for gifts and none for me. But I'm planning to make one for myself soon.

This one for sister Lori, to match her bag

It attaches with a loop around a strap the same way you would attach a luggage tag. You can hang the cozy on the outside or on the inside of the purse. I plan to use mine on the inside, but the photos were prettier with it on the outside, right? If it stays on the outside of the purse, I'd add a little snap or something at the top for security.

Construction is pretty simple. The main pocket is made of wool felt, top stitched around the top edge for strength. The felt thistle applique was added before sewing the pocket together. I cut out the shapes, tacked them down with glue and then sewed them securely on with the machine. The loop is a length of bias binding that is sewn together, but ribbon would also do fine.

Now to pick out colors for mine...