Thursday, October 28, 2010

leaf applique jumper

In its previous life, this jumper was as plain as plain can be, probably someone's school uniform. Thanks, Paula, for the garage sale score.

I decided to break out my Heat-n-Bond and add some patchwork leaf appliques. I really like how it turned out. I never quite trust HnB in the wash on its own, so I zig zagged around the edges too. My eldest wears it with brown tights and boots.

Applique is such a simple and quick way to embellish clothing. However, now that the girls have grown out of the chubby cutesy age I can't really get away with sewing on big-eyed kitty cats and whatnot. Themes like this from nature always seem timeless.

Monday, October 25, 2010

one more headband

Here's the last one I made. It was under construction with the others but I wanted some brown for the band and didn't have any, so I got to watch the rest of the movie with both eyes. I finished it here at home.

She's trying to look grumpy but I made her laugh. Yes, you can go watch Fetch now.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

scrap pile headbands

Me + Robyn + her prodigious scrap box + cheap headbands from the grocery store + The Lovely Bones = these headbands for our kids. I don't have a photo of hers - but trust me, it was very cute and it was being worn by a certain blonde fashionista almost immediately.

The process was so easy we were able to do it while keeping one eye on the movie and also shoveling in plates of pecan pie and ice cream. All that sugar really fuels the creativity.

Cut or tear a long thin strip of fabric (or use unfolded bias binding) and wrap it around the entire headband, using Fabritac to secure as you go.

Cut out concentric circles from various felted wools and fabrics to make a layered flower. Snip some petals if you like. Fold over circles into quarters to make many layered petals if you want a poofier look. Cut out some leaves to match. Glue the flower together, then glue the flower and leaves to the headband.

Don't fuss about the ravelly edges, that is part of the charm. You can use dabs of fraycheck if you like. Eat more pecan pie as a reward.

Then force your children to model them for your blog. Sometimes you have to make fake pootsy noises to lighten the mood.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

furry possibilities

Thanks so much, friend Chris, for cleaning out your sewing room. I found a bag of this fur in the back of my van the other day (Michael had forgotten to tell me about it). I am not sure what I'll do with these wild beasty furs. But I love looking at them and dreaming up kooky stuff. I have to be very careful when I handle it or puffs of fur start flying all around from the cut edges.

You guys might not be able to see it very well from my mediocre photos, but most of the dark furs have undercoats of eye popping colors like acid green and violet. I've never seen such stuff. Chris, it really makes me wonder what in the world you made from it. Fun fun fun.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lovely lovely weekend

My (now) traditional shot of myself eating a hot beignet and sipping cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde on the way to the airport with my bosom bud, Robyn, and her three little budlings. My ever wonderful husband sent me down solo to see her this past weekend and we had a great time together. I'm such a lucky girl.

There was much talking (or visiting, as we say in the South), drinking of coffee, sitting on the patio watching her kids play, eating of fantastic foods (she is a truly gifted cook and makes almost everything they eat from scratch), shopping (trying on fantasy dresses here and here), fashion and pattern sewing consultations, and of course, some crafting.

I so try to be polite and wait to go in her craft room until I'm invited, but I can't ever seem to swing that. As soon as her back is turned I sneak in there to see everything. There is an entire bookcase filled with delicious fabrics and another bookcase filled with craft books. I think the whole time I was there I had a craft book in one hand and a fork in the other.

I'll show the crafted stuff later and also I'm trying to get Robyn (pretty please) to take some shots of some of her decor to show you (I didn't have my good camera with me), but for now, there is a new feature for you if you prefer to subscribe to the blog by email instead of a reader. Look for the new link on the right sidebar, over there >>>

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Never used ready-made hem facing before. But it was cheap. And look at the pretty colors. Is it just as good as making your own facing? And the lacy seam binding. I remember using my mom's seam binding to make sashes for my Barbie outfits. And that is the last time I've used it.

Knitting needles. Because some day I might learn to knit. The little frames are begging for a coat of paint and something small and cute inside. Charcoal pencil. Can't pass that up for 25 cents. And a bag of wooden clothespin doll stands, because some day I might need to make some wooden clothespin dolls.

I couldn't resist the hoops either. One is missing the screw though. Didn't notice that until later.

This crazy hot pink denim might make a great jacket, jumper or bottoms for the girls.

Prints I couldn't resist.

And two greys, top one a cotton canvas and bottom one a synthetic suiting of some kind.

I have signed my girls up for P.E. once a week, so now I have an hour and fifteen minutes each Wednesday to wander aimlessly through a nearby thrift shop. I'm going to have to get more shelving in my craft room.