Wednesday, October 30, 2013

almost Cat Woman

I now interrupt the bird patterning going on for some Halloween making. This photo of Julie Newmar's Cat Woman is the inspiration for Thing 2's Halloween costume this year. She is currently in love with the kitschy 1960s Batman show that I grew up watching. So lame it's funny.

I started making it yesterday and it's coming along fine. I have heaps of time. No sweat.

 Some sketching and model testing produced these pattern pieces for ears, mask and gloves.

The mask and ears are done. They look sooo great on! I'll take a picture tomorrow. Made from layers of black acrylic felt with black glitter Mod Podged on. I turned the ears but not the mask.

 The necklace is almost done. After pondering a possibly long and fruitless search through thrift shops for a necklace I decided just to use my circle punches, ribbon and glitter. Now I have to figure out a closure because like a doofus I trimmed the ribbon to length and contrary to my calculations, it does not fit over her head. Possibly a closure of more paper disks with small bits of velcro.

 The gloves are still a WIP. I'm hoping they will work out. If they fit I'll glue golden claws at the end of each fingertip. I wonder if those press-on nails would work?

Last detail to add will be the trademark golden belt around her hips. I think some wide gold ribbon with a cardboard beglittered buckle would do the trick nicely. This will require a quick trip to the store. The rest of the costume will be black shirt, black leggings and black boots. Kind of a visibility nightmare, but we'll have flashlights. 

My other sweet girl has opted to be a witch again and we already had her costume from two years ago. I tried to persuade her to wear a wart covered hooked nose just so I could make one out of felt, but she declined. But that would have been fun to make.

This is kind of fun actually. I usually groan and stress out if I have to make the kids' costumes, but this one sparked my creative muse in a big way. It must be the TV nostalgia.

Monday, October 28, 2013

snowbird ornament

*Late note: this is now available as the Snow Bird pattern in my shop.*

More fun with felt, floss and sequins. You might remember another version of this from way back when. Which was also the basis for the colly bird ornament. And the Blue Bird of Happiness.

I'm working on a hand sewing pattern for this bird. It will be coming soon! Hopefully in plenty of time for some cozy holiday hand stitching.

Friday, October 18, 2013

as seen in: Homespun Magazine

If you are a Homespun magazine reader you will see a nice mention of my Flora Needle Book pattern right there on page 20 of the October issue! Thanks very much, Janai! That's awesome!
(I should clarify that Homespun is an Australian publication, so you won't find it on the shelf in America. My apologies!)

I loved browsing through my copy. Homespun is substantially thick and chock-full of colorful photos and well-done DIY projects. I love the matte finish of the pages. Here's a random sampling:

Beautiful quilt!

Craft studio envy!

One of the features I really appreciate is this handy at-a-glance spread with photos of all of the included projects and their page numbers. Well done, Homespun! (Hey, look, I actually have on nail polish in these photos. Are you impressed? It isn't Pinterest-worthy striped or polka dotted or spangled or the ubiquitous ombre - but it is nail polish.)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

pattern testers extraordinaire, part 4

This brunette Wee Princess Pea, by wonderful pattern tester Kate of Popsicle Toes, is destined for her Future Grandchild Box. Look at the awesome castle backdrop and the Persian carpet she made for it. Kate, I love her sweet face and the rosy cheeks you added!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

pattern testers extraordinaire, part 3

This blonde Wee Princess Pea was crafted by the talented Stephanie of Peas In a Pod, whose daughter is just the right age to enjoy this set. I love those millefiori buttons she used for the closet legs up there in the first photo.

I think a lot of the fun of making this pattern is in choosing the fabrics and colors. If you are a scrap hoarder like me you will have almost too many possibilities! Small prints look best for the mattresses and pillow because of the diminutive scale. I really love the idea of making a set that matches your daughter's hair and favorite colors.

Up next, pattern tester Kate!

Friday, October 11, 2013

fabric is a fine souvenir

We went on a family trip to New Smyrna Beach recently. My husband insisted on taking my sister and me to a quilt shop in St. Augustine while we were there. You know he feels pretty strongly about buying as much fabric as one can, so I reluctantly made these purchases. But only so he could feel good about things. I'm a giver. My sister also obliged him by purchasing a few items. Just to be polite.

We really loved our trip, despite some rainy days. It didn't slow the girls down one bit. Here's my youngest who ran up from the surf and stopped in front of my beach chair at some point. She said, 'Mommy, there's something in my swim pants.' So here she is about to drop her shorts to investigate.

{Please insert screaming mimi full on FREAK OUT from the youngest here. Make it a good one. Really reach deep.}

And here was the source of the freak out. Yes, she's a city girl. I'm sorry to say Mr. Fishy didn't survive the extraction from her suit. Poor little fish. We hardly knew ye. He was probably very confused about how he ended up in someone's swim bottoms. I'm glad to say that after Thing 2's system wide kernel panic was over she was happy to get right back in the water. We had a small, private burial service for Mr. Fishy.

It was a lovely week of eating much sea creatures, splashing, walking and relaxing. We were sad to leave.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

pattern testers extraordinaire, part 2

This raven-haired Wee Princess Pea was was made by lovely pattern tester Skooks!

The above photo was titled 'Jiggawhat is this'. Hilarious, Skooks.

She chose this embellished felt crown option (there are two included in the pattern). I'm loving the sparkly bling!

Skooks is an all around swell person and talented crafter who blogs at Check out the LouLouThi pillows she made recently. Really pretty!

Next week, pattern testers Kate and Stephanie!

Monday, October 7, 2013

pattern testers extraordinaire, part 1

This auburn haired Wee Princess Pea was made by lovely pattern tester Leigh!

Leigh is a talented quilt designer and maker, and also my awesome big sister! Her wee playset is for for her cute little granddaughter, Darcy, when she gets a little older.

Next up is the Wee Princess Pea made by pattern tester Skooks!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wee Princess Pea pattern is available!

Finally, it seems like forever since I started this pattern. But really it's only been a couple months. It's 24 tested pages of photographs, diagrams and pattern pieces. This time a LOT of photographs. And now available in both my Etsy and my Craftsy shops!

And let me just take a moment to thank my wonderful, thorough and generous pattern testers: Leigh, Marissa, Stephanie and Kate! It was such a joy to work with you, and I'm looking forward to sharing photos of your awesome Wee Princesses here next week.

Here you see the tins unpacked and all the little pieces. The pattern includes the 3.5 inch doll in her lacy nightgown, robe, crown, pillow, mattresses (one with a crucial pea), blanket, ladder, a royal bed with legs, a fancy closet with a mirror and hanger and...

... a drawstring bag to carry it all in. Which are so cute and easy to make. The stacked tins drop easily inside, ready for princessy play time on the go. And the bag is just the right size to slip inside a Christmas stocking.

Lots of fun to be had, posing and acting out the story. Blonde, brunette or redhead? What would your little girl like? I really hope you have as much fun making these as I did!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

felt bookmark for Robyn

Here's the finished WIP I showed you. A felt and elastic bookmark for my September-born bestie. I was inspired by this pin, and it was very simple to make. All you need is small scraps of felt, floss and some elastic. I thought, what a great gift to make for Christmas for friends who love to read! If anyone reads real books anymore, that is. I myself like to feel a book in my hands instead of a gadget, but I can definitely hear the siren song of carrying your entire library in your purse.

That gorgeous volume of Jane Eyre is not the one I gave to her (she actually gave that to me), but in true Larissa fashion Les Miserables had not made its last minute appearance yet. Here is the real McCoy just before I boxed and wrapped it with her other birthday trinkets: