Monday, November 30, 2009

toy society drop

This little nut brown bunny was a prototype when I was working on the this pattern. Even though she didn't make the final cut for the pattern, I've loved having her sitting around my craft room to make me smile. Now, the time had come to spread the joy! 'Tis the season for joy-spreading you know.

I have had a Toy Society drop on my to do list for quite a while, and I was happy to have the opportunity recently. I was scheduled for my first mammogram (ugh) and the imaging place is in the same building with a large women's OB/GYN practice.

I figured that would be a good place to spread some diapered bunny love. There are lots of women going in and out who are expecting, and lots of women who might need bucking up after having to smash their boobs in a vise.

So I arrived before my appointment and I took the elevator even though my stop was on the first floor. No one was inside the elevator, so I feverishly tied the toy bag to the hand rail as the elevator went to the top and to the bottom again. I snapped a picture as I got off the elevator, and not a soul in sight. Anonymous drop, check.

After my own poor mams had been duly smooshed and radiated, I checked the elevator and voila, brown bunny was gone. I hope she brought someone some unexpected joy today.

If you are interested in participating in the Toy Society, you can sign up on their blog. They are currently organizing a World Wide Christmas Toy Drop!

Postscript: I checked their flickr group, and my entry was already blogged. Whoo!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tooth pillow improvement

Hey, everybody! I've been to physical therapy and we did all kinds of cool but sinister-sounding things like electrodes and traction. My neck is on the mend, and this Thanksgiving all my thanks go to the good Lord for answered prayers. And to you, for your prayers and good wishes! More PT after Thanksgiving for me, and I'm looking forward to it.

I did squeeze in this tiny bit of crafting for a sweet little five year old's birthday party. I assure you it was quite moderate compared with the mondo crafting I wanted to do. I thought I'd share it with you since I added an improvement that will make it more durable.

When you make the Tooth Pillow from my pattern, after you mark the line for the mouth but before you cut the slit, machine stitch all the way around it with matching thread, close to the line. See the stitching around the mouth in the photo above? This will prevent the mouth from stretching from repeated use. You can also used this method with the slit you need to cut in the back for turning. It makes things look neater with less stretching. The PDF pattern has also been updated with this change (and can be found here).

Well, there you have it. Just a small thing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday all you United States citizens, wherever you may be.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And the winners are...

(rustling of envelopes)

Amy, who has made an Atlanta Braves themed Molly and would like to add a Mikey,


darlinroz, who's in it for the shoes. Darlinroz, I need your email address!

(falling confetti)

(pinwheeling spotlights)

Well, congratulations you two! I'll be emailing you the patterns soon.

A huge HUGE thank you to everyone who commented and also for your support in my shop for the patterns. It blew me away! Happy holiday crafting.

Don't forget the pattern sale is on through Monday, 20% off the regular price of Katy Kitty, Baby Binky Bunny and Mikey Monkey.

P.S. On a sad note (for me), I have injured my neck and time spent on the computer or sewing seems to aggravate it. SIGH. SIIIIIIIGHH. I'm praying for healing and patience. Until the neck is better, I won't be crafting or posting as often! I'm going to have to learn moderation, which is very difficult for me when it comes to Precious and crafting. I'll miss it, and I'll miss you.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mikey Monkey, a sale and a giveaway

Wow, thanks everybody! Comments are now closed for the giveaway.

Mikey Monkey is now in the shop! Above is the first page of the 15-page boy-centric Mikey Monkey PDF pattern. It includes color pictures, step-by-step detailed instructions, a boatload of illustrated diagrams for each step, and of course, the pattern pieces. I've learned a few things since I wrote the Molly pattern, and I've made some adjustments here and there for easier assembly.

I hope this is in plenty of time for your Christmas makings. If you already have the Molly pattern but would love to make the boy version and these accessories without all the guess-work, then this pattern is for you!

Here is the basic Mikey, above.

He has two options for his Look. One is the more debonair tie/collar combo, paired with a jaunty newsboy hat, above.

The other fashion option is a striped t-shirt with a baseball cap, for the more casual monkey on-the-go.

Here's the back of the cap.

And included also with the pattern is a pirate play set, with pirate hat, sword and eye patch. Arrrr!

And of course, the tennis shoes. And if Molly wants to play, go ahead and let her! All Mikey's accessories fit her too.

To mark the debut of the Mikey pattern, I am also having my first ever sale at the shop. All my softie patterns will be 20% off until Monday the 23rd.

And oh, yes. I nearly forgot. I'd like to celebrate by giving away two Mikey patterns! If you are interested, leave ONE comment with your email address on this post. I'll be giving the patterns away via random number generator first thing on November 18th. See you back here then.

P.S. If your monkey makin' won't wait until Wednesday and you want to get started with the pattern, I can refund you the purchase price if you should be one of the lucky winners!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Aye, hand o'er the bananasss and no one gets strapped t'the masthead. Arrrr

So, so close on the Mikey Monkey pattern. Finishing up some fun options/accessories for him, including the pirate playset you see here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

fall mantel

A few of my favorite things on the mantel for fall. Click on the image to see it a bit larger.

From L to R: Charley Harper 'Birdie' print, handmade paper illustration of Little Red Riding Hood, felt and linen mushrooms, beautiful Elsa Mora prints, big ol' H I found at Ballard's Backroom, stack of vintage books, pretty milk glass footed bowl I scored at a garage sale.

Monday, November 2, 2009

my weekend

Filled with Tucker love, family time, coffee and Halloween candy. Pretty good weekend. Now back to my regularly scheduled program. Gotta run to exercise class and attempt to burn off some Reeses and Kit Kats.