Ebenezer Ornament Series

My Ebenezer Ornament Series is a set of heirloom hand-sewn ornament patterns which are inspired by the 1843 Victorian novella, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. This hand sewn wool felt pattern series will feature the most memorable characters from the well-loved story.

(If you have completed my Twelve Days Ornaments, you are ready!)


This silent spectre is the third and final of three spirits sent by Marley in an effort to save the unrepentant curmudgeon, Scrooge. The climax of the novella comes as the spirit points silently toward a a neglected gravestone and Scrooge is terrified to realize it is his own! He begs this spirit to know if he might change his future, and we see as the spirit's kind hand wavers that there is hope yet for Scrooge! This pattern includes the ghost figurine and also a bonus gravestone ornament. 

Pattern No. 4 – Ghost of Christmas Present
The second of three spirits to appear to the hapless Scrooge, as foretold by Marley. This short-lived spirit is a cheerful giant, wearing a long, fur-trimmed robe and holding a magical torch with which he spreads Christmas peace and joy. He also features a holly crown, jeweled belt, and empty scabbard trimmed with a jingle bell and sprig of berries. The best part for Dickens devotees: Inside his robe are hidden the pitiable figures of Ignorance and Want!

Pattern No. 3 – Ghost of Christmas Past
The first of three spirits to visit the hapless Scrooge, as foretold by Marley. This strange candle-like youth/old man ghost with long white hair and a flowered tunic will take Scrooge on a spirit journey to his younger days. Mr Past here is sporting a crown of light, a snuffer hat tucked under his arm, and is holding a staff of fresh holly. 
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Pattern No. 2 – Mr. Marley
Jacob Marley is Scrooge's first nocturnal visitor in Dickens' yuletide ghost story. He appears in the same garb that Scrooge always saw him wearing in life – pigtail, waistcoat, tights, and tasseled boots, with his spectacles pushed up on his forehead. His chin and head are bound in a folded kerchief, and he is wrapped in the long chain he forged in life, complete with wrought metal money boxes, padlock, key, and purse.
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Pattern No. 1 – Mr. Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge is the miserly protagonist in Dickens' yuletide ghost story. He is sporting an embroidered, beaded, and sequined Victorian era dressing gown, night shirt and night cap, and holding a single 'dip', by which meager light he is peering into the penurious darkness of his chilly house. Little does he know, his night is about to get pretty interesting. (Bah! Humbug.)
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THIS PATTERN SERIES IS ONGOING! Check back here for new information as new patterns become available. Each pattern will be released as soon as I complete it, and I will post about it on all my channels anytime that happens. The best way to keep current is to follow me on my IG or FB pages or follow my blog. I always post links on IG or FB if I post on the blog.

WHEN WILL THE SERIES BE COMPLETED? As I am a part time designer, I hope to release at least one pattern per year in this series until it's completed, two if possible. (I've had to scale back my previous expectations on this because of my chronic back problems, alas.) My maximum working capacity is 2-4 new patterns per year, but I'll be working on another different series in tandem with this one. If there are more that are completed, I'll gladly release them! I have to work with limited time. Don't we all! Thanks so much for your excitement and enthusiasm! I really appreciate it. It keeps me going.
  • Total number of patterns in the series: TBD, but very likely nine
  • Average size of the finished ornaments: About 3.5 x 5 inches (9 x 13 cm) Of course, it varies because the shapes will vary, but that will give you an idea.

Mr. Scrooge is about 3.5 inches wide and 5 inches tall, not including the loop

WHERE TO BUY THE PATTERNS: You can purchase the Ebenezer Ornament PDFs (and my other patterns) exclusively from my Etsy shop and download them at your convenience. Your pattern download links do not expire:

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BENZIE DESIGN KITSAvailable now, purchase wool felt/floss/notions kits which coordinate with my detailed color guides. The kits come in two different palettes: Modern Pastel and Victorian
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In short, yes, at least for the pattern pages themselves to print on regular paper, and also to print or copy the pattern pages to the Sulky stabilizer. Once you have a master set of pattern pages on regular paper, keep 'em handy. Then you can use a copier. Suggestions:
  • Perhaps you have a friend/son/daughter/life coach/tolerant neighbor/secret crush that has a printer you can borrow?
  • Perhaps you work somewhere that will allow you to print a few personal pages?
  • Libraries and churches often have copiers and printers you may use and may charge per page.
  • Note: office supply stores will not print my patterns without checking with me first because my patterns are copyrighted. Just contact me via my Etsy shop if you run into that issue: mmmcrafts.etsy.com

Q: WHERE DO I BUY THE MATERIALS like felt, stabilizer, sequins, and other stuff needed?
I have lists of US sources for materials in the back of all my patterns. Also Benzie Design is offering lovely kits to go with my detailed color guides that include most of what you need!   

Q: I'M OUTSIDE THE US. WHERE DO I BUY THE MATERIALS like felt, stabilizer and other stuff needed? 
I've compiled a short list of international wool felt vendors here, recommended to me by their customers. Also, Benzie Design gladly ships internationally.

I specify several kinds of metallic flosses and threads in my patterns to give my Ebenezer ornaments some lovely Victorian glitter. Check out this blog post to get the skinny on what they are, where to get them, and what they each do best. 

Because of the small scale, these ornaments are not beginner projects, but they are easier than you think! If you are familiar with hand sewing and can 1) sew basic stitches neatly (running stitch, backstitch, and whipstitch) and 2) cut and assemble small pieces with precision and 3) work with sequins and seed beads, then you can make these ornaments and make them well. Why? Because of a magical Sulky stabilizer called Stick 'N Stitch. If you use the stabilizer, there is no tedious pattern tracing or embroidery transferring involved. You simply use a printer or copier to print my patterns to the stabilizer, peel off the backing, adhere it directly to the wool felt, and then stitch right on the lines. You can read more about that process here. In addition to the stabilizer advantage, you'll find my patterns are chock-full of very clear instructions and detailed diagrams to guide you through each and every step.

If you read my reviews on Etsy, you'll often see comments about how thorough and detailed the instructions in my patterns are. Purchasing my patterns is more akin to purchasing a craft class, and I include lots of tips and tricks within the instructions. However, click the graphic below for additional methods I have posted about that will help you perfect your techniques:

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ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE with washing away the Sulky stabilizer? Does it still feel gummy/sticky no matter how many times you soak it? There is a batch of faulty stabilizer out there. Please read this post!

I hope this resource page has been helpful to you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via my Etsy shop! That is the quickest way to get an answer. You can also message me on my Facebook page and InstagramMerry sewing! :-)


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! So excited to make Ebenezer!
    Thanks for your beautiful work!

    1. Hey, Patty! Wow, thanks so much. :-) I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Hey, Karen! You are so kind, thank you! I just published the detailed Benzie color guide for Mr. Scrooge here:

  3. My husband is the toy shop owner yearly in our local theater’s production of Scrooge. I am beyond excited to make these as gifts for him. My plan is give him one with a second for him to gift to the actor playing each role. What fun!! They will love them and your patterns are beautiful!

    1. Hey, Joan B, oh that's perfect! How cool! Thanks so much. :-)

  4. Got my pattern. Hope you'll be doing the kits via the UK distributor again so I can get one!

    1. Hey, Crippled Crafter! Thanks so much for your purchase! There are a few UK distributors that put together kits, but none that I collaborate with directly to do so. Cloud Craft comes to mind, but you can check this post for others:

  5. Does anyone have a ideas for creating a storage box for an ornament or two to be given as gifts?

    1. I've seen some special gift boxes for folks who make my ornaments on IG within the series hashtags. Maybe have a look through there? Also there are probably heaps of free box ideas on the web. :-)

  6. Ebeneezer pattern bought - wool felt about to be pre-soaked and then I can start!

    1. Thanks so much, Pansipotter! I hope you enjoy the project!

  7. I'm working on this one now and am having so much fun I bought all the ornament pattern series! Just wondering, what other characters will be part of Ebenezer and twas the night before Christmas series? I can hardly wait until 2022!

    1. Hi, RaeAnne, you can probably guess the main characters from the stories, but I like to keep some mystery as to specifics as I go. :-)

  8. I am so excited to start on this series. I have always loved the story and can't wait to see your interpretation for the characters! Any chance we will see Bob Cratchit or Tiny Tim?

  9. I see you’re working on ‘‘twas a night before Christmas with the adorable little tea cup mouse but I was wondering if there will be more Christmas Carol patterns in the near future? Perhaps a ghost of Christmas past?

    1. Hi, Jack! Yes, this is an ongoing series. Next up: Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

  10. I meant future, future not past. I’ve already purchased and begun ghost of Christmas past.


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