Thursday, December 20, 2018

no, that's not my kit at HobbyCraft :-(

I wasn't going to post about this. I really don't love putting negative posts out there. However, I'm getting so many messages about it that it seems better to clear it up publicly.

From the HobbyCraft website

In September, a kind reader noticed a kit on the HobbyCraft website called Partridge and Pear Tree Decoration that looked a lot like my Partridge & Pear pattern from my Twelve Days Ornament series. It's slightly different, but clearly a blatant copy of my design, even down to the colors I used in my samples. I opened a dialog with the store, which is based in the UK. I was directed to a Ms. Shiers, with whom I exchanged a few emails.

Ms. Shiers indicated that, without admitting any liability, they would remove the kits from their website. Which they did. However, after that I began hearing from many UK crafters via Facebook and IG who were shopping in the HobbyCraft stores and were confused to see the kits for sale there. They took pictures and messaged me about them because they could clearly see the kits were a copy of my designs. Ironically, folks even contacted me to congratulate me on collaborating with HobbyCraft, even though my name does not appear anywhere on the kit.

From a lovely crafter in the UK

I wrote again to Ms. Shiers to ask HobbyCraft to take the kits from their stores, and I did not receive a reply. So after that, every time I heard from a kind someone who is angry/disappointed about the copycat kit, I gave them Ms. Shier's email address so they could let her know about the negative impression they were getting of the store.

I just want to make it clear that I have not collaborated with HobbyCraft to make the kit, nor have I given permission to use my design. If you were confused by the kits and would like to contact HobbyCraft about it, I suggest starting with their Facebook page.

Finally, I'd like to thank the vigilant crafters who took the trouble to take pictures and contact me so that I'd be aware of the kits. You know who you are! I appreciate your having my back.