Wednesday, February 24, 2016

done with Early Bird/Night Owl prototyping

A growing collection of Early Bird/Night Owls. (Yes, my fabric shelves are a disgrace. I own it.) [You should see the pile on the floor.] The last prototype is just finished {Mr Second From Right} so after more rounds of tweaks than I was anticipating in January, I'm finally happy with the design and sequence of steps!

Now on to the diagramming! Beta pattern will be ready soonish.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

shown up by my kid

My 11 year old said, "Mom, I think I want a rabbit doll. I'm going to make one." And now I confess to something a little bit selfish and terrible. At that moment, instead of being happy that she is sharing my love of handcraft, I thought something like "errrrrrgh, I'm kind of busy and she's going to want to use my Katy Kitty pattern and then modify it and I don't have time to help her with all that right now".

Well, she didn't need my help. She came to me for nothing.
*Cat's In The Cradle is now playing softly in the background of this post.*

She drafted the whole bunny pattern from scratch, worked out how everything would go together and cut all the pieces from fleece. She designed the clothes, which are removable. Several nights in a row she was sitting in the living room floor hand sewing the whole thing together while her sister played Xbox. I actually kind of took over when she got to the very last part and showed her how to gather and hem the skirt because I was feeling, yes, a bit left out.

Serves me right.
Isn't her rabbit doll cute?