Felt On The Fly color guides for my Twelve Days Ornament Series

I have worked with Janet at Felt On The Fly to personally select three deep, jewel toned palettes of her gorgeous 100% merino wool felts for my ornaments. If you combine all three palettes and use these guides to make all the samples I've designed for each, you'll finish a complete multi-colored set of my Twelve Days ornaments.

Just want to focus on just one or two of the color palettes? No problem, just use the color guides for the palette you want as inspiration for making the rest of your set in the same color combos.
Click these links to view/buy the felt/floss bundles in FOTF's Etsy shop:
  1. Twelve Days SAPPHIRE Color Story, with deep blues, plums and saturated pinks
  2. Twelve Days GOLD Color Story, with rich golden and coral tones and splashes of teal
  3. Twelve Days EMERALD Color Story with vibrant blue-greens, citrons, pinks and reds
And of course, the PDF patterns for the ornaments can be purchased at my Etsy shop.

Scroll to the end for a master list of all
decorative embroidery flosses.

1) Felt & floss guide for PARTRIDGE & PEAR (Sapphire colorway)

2) Felt & floss guide for TURTLE DOVE (Gold colorway)

3) Felt & floss guide for FRENCH HEN (Emerald colorway)

4) Felt & floss guide for COLLY BIRD (Sapphire colorway)

5) Felt & floss guide for GOLD RING (Gold colorway)

6) Felt & floss guide for GOOSE A-LAYING (Emerald colorway)

7) Felt & floss guide for SWAN A-SWIMMING (Sapphire colorway)

8) Felt & floss guide for MAID A-MILKING (Gold colorway)

9) Felt & floss guide for DRUMMER DRUMMING (Emerald colorway)

10) Felt & floss guide for PIPER PIPING (Sapphire colorway)

11) Felt & floss guide for LADY DANCING (Emerald colorway)

12) Felt and floss guide for LORD A-LEAPING (Gold colorway)

(This list is not for floss colors that match the felts, but it might contain some)

DMC B5200
DMC 310
DMC 154
DMC 166
DMC 500
DMC 603
DMC 608
DMC 666
DMC 699
DMC 720
DMC 830
DMC 831
DMC 892
DMC 905
DMC 906
DMC 907
DMC 917
DMC 918
DMC 919
DMC 934
DMC 943
DMC 964
DMC 3608
DMC 3804
DMC 3806
DMC 3808
DMC 3845
DMC 3852

I hope these color guides were helpful to you!
:-) Happy sewing!

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