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Hey, guys, I love to see what you make
with my patterns and tutorials!

Tag me with @mmmcrafts and also #mmmcrafts.
Also add a hashtag for the pattern you are using, for instance,
#twelvedaysornaments or #weemousetinhouse.
That makes it easy to find specific images. Search those hashtags to see items that others have shared!

Post your images to my page, and add the hashtags to make them searchable.

If you pin a photo of something you've made with my patterns, please share the pin with mmmcrafts! I'll add it to my board!

Are you looking for my old Flickr photo groups? I have deleted my Flickr account, so those may not be available anymore. But you can still share via Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest!

(The best way to see lots of photos of things I've made all in one place (besides this blog!) is to visit my Pinterest boards and Instagram feed.)

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