Wednesday, January 10, 2018

minor correction for Swan a-Swimming pattern and maybe I should just use a pipe cleaner anyway...

Hello, guys!
You are all awesome, have I mentioned that lately? Well, you are. Vigilant mmmaker Judi (thank you, Judi!) brought a mistake to my attention in the Swan a-Swimming pattern. If you haven't already noticed it, grab a marker and make a note on your patterns:

On step 31 it should read as follows:

Trace this water outline twice on heavyweight fusible interfacing (glue side up), then once (glue side down). Cut them out.

So the mistake was that I had the 'glue side up' and 'glue side down' switched. What you want to end up with is two layers of interfacing on the wrong side of the WATER BACKING and one on the wrong side of the WATER FRONT. Not a huge deal even if you make it with this switched, but it does end up making you feel like you went wrong somewhere. Sorry, Judi! If you've been cheating like I sometimes do by just gluing the interfacing in place instead of ironing it on, you may not have even noticed.

However, I'm re-thinking the whole interfacing thing for this step anyway. The more I store my Swans, the more I realize the water tends to curl on the ends and not stay level. (Do yours do this too?) So I'm thinking a pipe cleaner shaped and glued lightly to the wrong side of the water backing might work better than the 3 layers of interfacing. Feel free to do that instead!


  1. Thank you! That one is on my list to do!!! Finally used the new Galaxy palette from Benzie and LOVE it for the ornaments. I am still doing the Harvest palette as well since that set is for my sister (those colors match her Christmas tree better). I get so many compliments on these ornaments and I keep telling everyone, it is all due the the amazing patterns and directions!!!!

    1. Fantastic to hear, Michelle! Thank you! That galaxy palette is very pretty! I love that about DIY -- picking any colors you like! So glad you are enjoying the makes!

  2. Hi Larissa, I wanted to share with you my experience crafting with wool felt that I have applied to your patterns. I have not found it necessary to use interfacing on any of the ornaments. I use a very small buttonhole stitch in assembling the pieces which provides fabulous stability while also lending a decorative and neat finished appearance. I used this technique in creating hundreds of patterns for Creative Breathing. Your ornaments have turned out exquisitely because you have designed them so beautifully. I wouldn't change a single detail you have shared with us. You are amazing! Elizabeth

    1. Hi, Elizabeth, thanks so much for this tip and for the compliment! That's a cool technique with the button hole stitching. <3


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