Sunday, July 17, 2016

curated felt color collection for Swan a-Swimming ornaments

See below for the official color guides to make these ornaments!

Palette photos courtesy of Benzie Design

Time for the official color guide for the Swan a-Swimming sample ornaments! If you are new to my Twelve Days ornament series you may not know that Benzie Design offers lovely bundles of felt and floss that coordinate perfectly with my Twelve Days ornament samples! The photo above is the (updated) bundle for Partridge & Pear/Swan a-Swimming. I did sub in one new color for a color that was unused before. I took Carmine out and put in Peacock! Isn't it a pretty palette? And didn't Renae do a great job on her Partridge & Pear ornaments?

Benzie felt colors in the felt bundle:
1) Swan
2) Moss
3) Fern
4) Mustard
5) Ochre
6) Orange
7) Cotton Candy
8) Magenta
9) Burgundy
10) Peacock

You can add matching floss to your bundle when you purchase via the drop down menu, which comes in very handy to sew the ornaments together and will save you some time and squinting. (Or am I the only one who squints when I'm color matching?)

There will be* a total of SIX different curated color palettes to choose from at Benzie's Etsy shop. That means that starting with this Swan a-Swimming ornament I'll be repeating the color palettes:

1/7) Partridge & Pear + Swan a-Swimming
2/8) Turtle Dove + Maid a-Milking
3/9) French Hen + Drummer Drumming
4/10) Colly Bird + Piper Piping
5/11) Gold Ring + Lady Dancing
6/12) Goose a-Laying + Lord a-Leaping

*I say 'will be' because I'm extremely late with the bundle for Goose a-Laying (sorry!) but that will be available soon! I'm working on it right now! I think you'll love it.


Body front and back: Cotton Candy
Wings: Magenta
Water: Swan
Beak: Orange
Neck Band: Burgundy
Flower Outer Ring: Swan
Flower Inner Ring: Peacock
Flower Center: Burgundy

Decorative embroidery floss colors for the pink one:
DMC black (eye)
DMC white (water ripple)
DMC 3609 very light pink
DMC 3845 turquoise
DMC 154 very dark plum
DMC 947 orange
DMC 3804 magenta
DMC 741 school bus orange

(NOTE: You'll also need matching floss colors, available as an add-on to the Benzie felt bundle)


Body front and back: Ochre
Wings: Mustard
Water: Peacock
Beak: Moss
Neck Band: Swan
Flower Outer Ring: Moss
Flower Inner Ring: Fern
Flower Center: Orange

Decorative embroidery floss colors for the yellow one:
DMC black (eye)
DMC white
DMC 934 very dark olive
DMC 3845 turquoise
DMC 947 orange
DMC 937 olive

(NOTE: You'll also need matching floss colors, available as an add-on to the Benzie felt bundle)

And there you have it! Check my shop if you'd like to purchase the Swan a-Swimming pattern. A big thank you to Renae at Benzie Design for putting those handy felt and matching floss bundles together!


  1. I absolutely can. not. wait (!) for the last 5! I love the decorative birds but I'm more excited, now, to see how creative you get with people! :)

  2. Wonderful!!! Can't wait to get to work on these once school starts back. A question: the swan icon shows the ornament in gray and black. Could you share those felt colors, too?

    1. Hey, Rebecca, yes, I'll post about that! Thanks.


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