Saturday, July 23, 2016

the black swan color guide

Hey, I've had some requests about the black/grey Swan a-Swimming sample I made so I thought I'd put this color guide together for you. This one actually combines felts from Benzie Design and Felt On The Fly.

Benzie Design wool felt colors:

Body and flower center: Black
Wings: Graphite
Neck band: Moss

Felt On the Fly wool felt colors:

Beak and inner flower petals: Shrimp
Outer flower petals: Orange Red
Water: Sea Green

DMC contrast decorative floss colors:

DMC white
DMC 606 orange red
DMC 943 teal
DMC 3851 lighter teal (neck band)
DMC 581 olive green (on the wing)
DMC 580 olive green (on the body)

And of course you'll also need matching thread or floss to sew the felt parts together.
Have fun sewing!


  1. Replies
    1. :0) Thanks so much, Rosemary! You are always so sweet.

  2. That swan is BEAUUUUUTIFUL. I've been a bad blog following friend lately. Catching up now...!

  3. I am doing your sew along. So I need to purchase colors from Felt on the Fly for the Swan. I take it these colors are different than DMC?

    1. Hi, Cecelia, the floss colors are DMC. They are listed below the felt colors in the post. Yes, for this particular Swan, some of the colors used are from Felt On The Fly.
      You can find the sew along on the Feeling Stitchy blog. :-)


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