Thursday, June 15, 2017

new from Benzie - Entire Twelve Days Bundle, all six color palettes

Hey, guys! Renae from Benzie Design let me know she has a new felt and floss bundle available that contains all six Twelve Days color palettes! That means you can purchase all your vibrant wool-blend felt for making the entire series in one stroke. Genius. (Each palette covers two ornament patterns.)

The bundle includes all the felt shown below. 60 sheets! (And also includes the matching 60 skeins of floss if you choose that option):

Purchase the bundle in her Etsy shop here!
Note: This is not a comprehensive kit. You will need to purchase the patterns and other supplies to make the series. Visit this page to read more about my Twelve Days ornament series.


  1. I have just ordered Days 1-7 and am nearly done and am ADDICTED!! Where can I order the rest??? Snooping around only gets me #8. How will I continue to relax at night without my beautiful new hobby courtesy of your eye for design?!!

    1. Hey, Renaissance Rambler, wow, thanks! I'm thrilled you love the Twelve Days series. Yes, you are right, number 8 is in the shop and 9 is in the chute. Doing my best to release the rest of the series this year.

  2. Yayyyyy! Can't wait!! I guess I'll have to go back and make more of each one while I wait. I love that I can get my felt and floss all together from Benzie, too! You are genius.


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