Friday, June 23, 2017

panic averted

...and there they are, at the bottom of the last unpacked box. My Twelve Days samples. Countless hours of hand work and color testing.

I have to admit I could feel the panic start to set in yesterday when I still couldn't find these samples. I rummaged through several studio boxes yesterday, becoming increasingly concerned as I pawed through them. I started chastising myself for letting them be packed at all, "Why didn't you hand carry them, you ninny?"

And then I found another studio box in the hall underneath a box destined for the attic. Yes! Huge sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks.

So now in the studio I have a functioning computer (high fives self, didn't wait for the hubs to set it up for me), functioning internet (after the 7th, yes that's right, the 7th visit from cable guys) and have successfully located my felt, needles and samples. *cues Back In The Saddle Again*

I won't show you what the studio looks like. *cues Welcome To The Jungle* It makes me want to cry when I come in here. Nothing's organized. Baby steps!


  1. Don't cry! Look how far you've come! 💕 One day at a time.....

  2. They are so beautiful I would have cried at your loss...

  3. First: Isn't that just the most gorgeous box of goodies you've ever seen? Yup yup, it surely is!
    Second: Cut yourself some slack, moves don't happen in a day for anyone!

  4. Well, they were calling you. Didn't you hear them? They were screaming their floss off.
    This is a live and learn situation. Next move, hand carry everything that is important to your sanity.


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