Tuesday, May 13, 2008

molly monkey doll

So here is Molly the Monkey, the doll I whipped out in a few days for my youngest daughter's birthday. I designed the doll and pattern on my computer, so I can share it at a future date once I make the adjustments to it that I made on the fly while I was sewing it together. She's made out of brown corduroy, yellow wool felt, and a mishmash of cotton quilting fabrics and ticking. I didn't stuff her really tightly for two reasons:

1) I wanted her to be squashy and lovable
2) I didn't see how the tarnation I was supposed to sew it all right sides together with the legs, arms and tail tucked inside if they were all stuffed to the max. Is there another method for this?

I used a modified Wee Wonderfuls shoe pattern which worked great for her little mary janes. I really like my Put Together Book I ordered of hers. I'd love to use her patterns for a whole doll one of these days. I have a hand sewing set of hers also that I'd love to break open! Too much to do.

 Overall, and even with sleep deprivation, I'm really pleased with how she turned out! She was girly enough for me, and monkey enough for my four year old. Also, I got to use my Flutterby charm pack from a previous post for her clothes! So, yet another great use for charm packs -- doll clothes!

And now I can use this pattern as a base for Katy Kitty, my next doll creation for my other daughter's birthday in August.


  1. Looks GREAT! I finally got my new sewing machine out yesterday. So much fun! -jess ;)

  2. This is the cutest monkey I've ever seen!

  3. I absolutely adore this monkey!!!Can't wait for a pattern!!

  4. hey, thanks, everybody! the pattern will be ready very soon! I have two testers making monkeys and giving me feedback. we are close!

  5. she is absolutely adorable. I would love to make her one of these days!

  6. You may like to take a look at this link.


    They stole a needle-case tutorial I have on my blog that I had created in all its entirety. I emailed as they had not contacted me for permission so I am guessing they may not have contacted you either. I demanded mine be removed immediately. They did so with no response to my email. So I felt I should contact others I recognise in case you didn't know either.

    Hugs Khris

  7. Khris,
    thanks very much for the heads up on that. Not only had SewLover.com stolen my pattern and labeled it as theirs, like you I also recognized a few patterns from folks I know of, with no credit given as far as I can tell. How obnoxious!
    I have emailed them. We'll see what happens.


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