Thursday, October 29, 2009

what I'm up to

Working on the Mikey pattern variation. I'm hoping to have it done by the firstish of November, but won't hold my breath. My grand-nephew Tucker, for whom I made the original Mikey, was just born a few days ago and I can't wait to go cuddle him. Might have to sneak off with the girls and go to Huntsville for some newborn baby love.

Hello, world! My name is Tucker!
I'm four hours old. Count my chins!

I had to share this picture of him. It was taken on a phone in a darkened room, hence the image quality. This is about 4 hours after he was born, in the arms of his very happy grandmother and my older sister, Leigh.

So now you can see the impossible cute factor we are dealing with here. And he is a hoss, in the grand tradition of our family. 9 lbs and 10 oz at birth. And just as kissable as he can possibly be. We love you Tucker! Congratulations, sweet Erin and Nathan.

I just realized 'tucker' means 'food' if you are in Australia, right? Well, that fits. Ha!

We went to our local county fair over the weekend, which was 1) cold 2) muddy 3) rinky dink, and yet conversely 4) really expensive. Somehow we missed the fabulous state fair in Perry, due to my poor planning. There's always next year!

(if I close my eyes, I am not here)

Can you tell Thing 2 was not a big fan of this ride? That's big sis behind us flying solo. I'm wearing my favorite crocheted scarf, courtesy of Robyn. Man I need to learn to crochet.

Y'all have a lovely weekend. And happy All Hallows Eve!


  1. Ohh, Tucker is sweet! I think one forgets how very small newly borns are (to me my little man who is 1,5 yrs now and tall still is so "small").

    Have a great weekend and holiday as well (even if it is on a Sunday this year).

    Kind regards Nina

  2. I love that photo, grandmother looks ecstatic (as you would be...he is beautiful!)

    And yes, Tucker does mean food here in Australia LOL.

  3. Tucker is so cute! I love squeezy baby cheeks! Your fair sounds about like most of ours. It is amazing how expensive it is, especially considering every ride looks like it might fall apart if a strong breeze kicked up. Now, go get some baby love!

  4. Oh your new nephew Tucker looks so cute,Larissa!!
    Great pictures!
    Have a nice Helloween weekend!

  5. Larry, thanks for sharing your pictures! You guys are sights for these sore eyes.

    I have some similar county fair pics I took a few weeks back that I planned on sharing eventually. Think your fair was rinky dink? Imagine a county fair in rural Louisiana. Richie's dad, the construction guru, was busy photographing all of the safety violations, which were appalling obvious even to these untrained eyes. Yikes.

    So glad to see you still like your scarf!

  6. Congratulations on your new grand-nephew, he is just too cute!

  7. Oh Tucker, your chins are glorious! (And yes, Tucker is indeed Aussie slang for food... excellent choice of name there). And boy do you look like your sister!
    Cute toy you are making there. I'm sure Tucker will munch on him quite happily.

  8. LOL...I had to Google "rinky dink" lol too funny. my imagination was getting the best of me!

  9. Ok. That is possibly the cutest little old man i've ever seen! You just want to snuggle him & smother his face in kisses!!!

  10. Love your blog!

    What a handsome baby, congratulations to you all :)

    Have a Happy Halloween!


  11. Tucker is adorable!! Congratulations to all the family!!

  12. Robyn, don't leave it to my imagination. send the pics for pete's sake! I'd love to see them!

    I saw a few things that made me nervous at our county fair too, I just prayed we'd get out of there without being electrocuted.

  13. Haha. Figures you are making the Mikey pattern. ;) I'm TRYING to make 2 Mikeys right now! 1 for a baby shower in 2 weeks the other for my nephew for Christmas. I cut last night so toight I sew. Hopefully my guesses were right and it all works out! :)

  14. Becky,
    I'm sure they will be adorable. Sorry I didn't get the Mikey pattern out in time for you!

  15. no worries Larissa! Thanks for designing the amazing little guy! I'm trying to find Tom and Pippo books to go with him by Helen Oxenbury. They are hard to find, but they are an adorable series about a little boy and his stuffed monkey. :)

  16. Ohh! So cute! I love your caption, it fits his expression so well! In Aus, Tucka is food. With a pronounced "A" like "aunt" at the end.

  17. Hi Larissa!

    Tucker is sooo cute and chubby!!

    My little Lilla wants to send him some baby kisses! ^^


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