Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Asher's Mikey

"How YOU doin'?"

This is the Mikey monkey I made for smiley baby Asher's Christmas gift. He got to hang out some with Katy before I boxed him up. Asher's too young to appreciate him now, but maybe his older brother and sister can enjoy Mikey until Asher is old enough to suggest "Mine! Mine!".

And here he is in his pirate get up, ready to pillage bananas and swing from the main mast.

He's very similar to the Mikey I made for Tucker, I think the only difference is the eye, tie and hat colors. More handmade gifting to come. I have to string this out you know, since I didn't get to make much this year.


  1. I simply adore your work - Mikey is wonderful and Katy is absolutely adorable...

    Happy New Year and greetings from Denmark


  2. Love the pirate get-up, so so fun. Great work.
    ...yeah, my husband is one talented guy and so are his co-workers. They are great people too. He gets to go to work with his friends everyday. I have a degree in graphic design but went right into having kids and being a mom. I actually got pregnant with my first during my last year of school...great planning, not :). I don't envy the demanding and competitive environment that's for sure. Though I guess one could argue there are plenty of demands and competition here at home ;).
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your always kind comments. Always lovely hearing from you :). Happy New Year to you too and have a beautiful day!

  3. Love your Mikey and Katy! I think these make great gifts. My recipient loved the one I made her. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  4. Mikey is just too much fun! All of the kids are going to have a blast with him. One day I'm going to make some of your little friends, but I must get paint on walls and curtains made for windows before our next little arrival. :)

  5. Both are so adorable ! ! ! I wish i had kids arounds to make dolls or something hahaha :D

  6. Mikey and Katie are just adorable. Love the pattern i made the monkey for the K.Mart Christmas Tree and for the charity at Meet Me At Mikes, i must admit i Loved doing it. I must check out Katies pattern being as i am a cat crazy lady!

  7. Mikey and Katie are just adorable! I used your Molly Monkey pattern to make My Girl a Rabbit for Christmas.... yes, I said Rabbit. I didn't have enough felt to make Molly's cute little face so improvised and ended up making a Rabbit instead. I know it's quite a leap, but My Girl loves rabbits, so that's what it turned out to be. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful pattern. I am only a beginner sewer, and I found it to be a wonderfully satisfying experience to sew our Sally Rabbit. If you would like to go and have a look, you can see some pics at my blog:
    (If you think it's allright, I will add Sally Rabbit to your Molly Flickr pool)... please let me know...

  8. I love these patterns so much!
    I have two blog posts dedicated to your monkey inspired mania!

  9. Hey! I'll have you know, Asher very much appreciates his monkey now. Especially the tie. Tasty.

    So I'm left with the quandary - do I let him enjoy Mikey now and end up with a beslobbered, ultra-loved lump of something once resembling a super cute monkey or do I do what I really want to do and stick him on the shelf with a big "Hands off!" sign hanging around his neck??? I noticed where Katy and Molly live in your house...

    Thanks again - what an honor to be the frequent recipient of such fabulous craftiness!

  10. Groovymama, Katie, Noelia, and Sandy Shirley, thanks so much!

    Jessica, where are your priorities? ha! Hope you are feeling well! I know you are looking cute! as usual.

    I Purr-Furr, man that was a generous thing to do! it takes me hours to put one together. you rock.

    Jelirob and Rebekah, I checked out your links and your creations are adorable. thanks for sharing!

    Robyn, I didn't know that Mikey's tie was flavorful, so that is a bonus. Go ahead and let him play with it. It will just look loved. The only reason you saw the girls' dolls on the shelf is because I fished them out of the depths of the toy box and put them up there to pretty things up before you came. ha. That shelf is no deterrent to the girls, they grab them whenever they want.

  11. I love it! I had every intention of making a Mikey and a Molly for my kids for Christmas and simply ran out of time. This year though. :)

  12. Mikey is great! We had some photos taken for Christmas and I used that exact fabric for one of the ties on my real life Monkey. It makes a great tie!

    Happy new year!


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