Friday, June 18, 2010

I couldn't not post this

sorry about photo quality -- think it was on a phone

Remember this tiny guy? He's a little older now. His mommy (who's also my niece), Erin, posted this photo and these words recently to me on FB:
Larissa, Tucker LOVES his monkey. He always stares at it on his shelf when he wakes up from his nap, and when he plays in his room. The other day I thought I'd get it down for him, and he is obsessed. He will play with him for hours. I think he loves the long arms, legs, and tail. If fact, he loves him so much, that is the only thing that he will attempt roll over to get.:-)

This of course makes me want to make him about twenty more monkeys. I do love me that little dimpled boy. Despite the Auburn onesie. (Roll Tide!)

photo by Bryan Griffin

Here's Tucker's whole pretty family. Hey, Erin, Tucker needs five more sisters and brothers!


  1. Time sure goes fast - he's so sweet that little Tucker.

    It must melt your heart that he loves his monkey so much. I would feel the exact same need to make him even more monkies if I were you.
    It is indeed a wonderful monkey that comes out of your fabulous pattern. :))

  2. Aw! He's adorable!
    The best compliment ever is when people use what you make them. He looks quite pleased to oblige. :)

  3. Super cute!

    Someday, if/when I get a grandSON....

  4. I LOVE Mikey! I have had him on my to do list for a while hopefully I will get to him soon. I have a little boys who would love to have him :)

  5. absolutely adorable!! what a priceless photo :)

  6. hi! i saw your fabulous green shoes on the made blog - can you let me know where to find them??!! i have been searching "green, leather, mary janes" all over the web! not so effective!!


  7. Ulla, thanks, that is so sweet.

    Jessica, agreed! Love to see handmade things being loved.

    Grandma G, keep on hoping and hinting. :-)

    Emily, those are Miz Mooz Devi mary janes. You can find them on Amazon, last I checked, but they are probably on several sites. Good luck!

  8. So THAT'S the way you roll! They are both cute little guys!

    Go Vols!
    :) Ann

  9. I made a Molly monkey 3 months ago when my baby was only two months and sleeping all the time. I have the hand stitching left to do (have had it left to do for three months now :blush:).
    As a mommy of a big family, I totally agree that sweet boy needs a bunch of brothers and sisters. :D

  10. So cute! Your little monkey is on my to do list!! I just finished a tooth fairy and linked to you here!

  11. Every baby should start with a first monkey friend!

    I know you have seen my Molly Monkeys with my childhood Lady Monkey of a very similar design, well I have made some Mollys for friends who have babies and have gotten the same reviews. The non fur fabric is great to chew on and the limbs are just right for grabbing.

  12. Awww, that is just the cutest thing ever!!!!!!
    I could just see a "mini monkey" with a rattle in it too! You should totally do that!

  13. Cute kid, cute monkey! Hi Larissa, I just wanted you to know that I printed out that pattern of yours for the teacup pincushion, about a year ago, and finally got around to making one this week. You can see the result on my blog Patra's Place of Stitching, and I have acknowledged you in my post.
    Cheers from Oz!

  14. Awww...just look at that sweet, smart little genius in the making...

    By the way, you misspelled "onesie", Ms. Roll Tide.

    Love ya!

  15. THANK YOU for the shoe info!! i am so in love with your blog and your creativity!!! can you give a tutorial of how to be like you??


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