Friday, November 12, 2010

Gadget Cozy patterns in the shop!

Finally the cozy pattern is in the shop. (If you go to the shop and can't find it, it may have sold out, but I'll reload it as soon as I'm able. Just convo me if that's the case!)

They are extra fun for handmade gift giving! There are four different applique designs to choose from. I've provided the source and colors of the felt for those who want to make a cozy exactly as pictured. Two pattern sizes are included to accommodate most gadgets, and it is easily customizable to fit the non-average gadget.

There are several options for closure: Tab with button, tab with snap, tab with magnetic snap, or elastic loop with button.

Optional pocket holds ear buds or gum or ticket stubs.

Make Thistle or

Berry or

Poppy or

Or go crazy, make them all.

Hangs from belt loop, purse strap, wrist or whatever else you can think of.

Or use it inside your purse so you can always find your gadget before the last ring.

The 12 page pattern is in PDF format, with color photos, clear diagrams, and step-by-step instructions. More details can be found in my shop!


  1. OH.SO.CUTE!! Hmmm... would make great stocking stuffers!!

  2. Fantastici...posso farne anche io uno?Complimenti per il tuo blog....ciao!

  3. VERY VERY cute!
    I like color, shape and appliques... cute!

  4. Thanks so much, y'all!

    Chiarettafiorellino, thanks so much. the pattern is for sale in my etsy shop!

  5. GASP!!!!
    I love all the designs, but I REALLY like the thistle!!!! CUTE!!!

  6. Beauties, and the colors are mmmmm...

  7. Oh my! This is beautiful, and the color choice is amazing! My favorite one is Poppy. I like how you made the uneven lines on the background. Beautiful!!!

  8. Can't seem to find the pattern for your gadget cozy at your Etsy shop.


  9. Hey, everybody! thanks soooo much.

    Brenda, I'm sorry, they sold out before I could reload. Now you can find it in the shop!

  10. Love the thistle! They look great! Congrats on another original pattern :).

  11. so so so so cute :) all your tutorials are so great. i love reading your blog... so much so that i'm giving you the "stylish blogger" award :) visit my blog for more info! thanks for doing what you do!

  12. Yeah! The day I have been witing for. I am hopping right on over to pick it up. Thank you! You had offered to tell me the colors of felt you ordered. Can I take you up on that? :-)

  13. So sweet =)
    Simple with a nice colour combination**


  14. Hola! hermosos trabajos!
    tanto es así, que hice una entrada especial en mi blog con tu patrón gratuito de molly.
    puse todos los enlaces de tu autoría, incluido etsy.
    Muchas gracias por compartir tan lindas cosas!

  15. these are so rad! I don't just want a gadget cozy, I want a full sized bag. All of them!

  16. Y'all, thanks so much, you guys are always so encouraging. Meli, gracias for mentioning me on your blog and for the links.

    Urbancraft, totally go for it. Then show me. :-)

  17. Where in the earth did you find your lovely felt? It is beautiful!

  18. Your work is just so beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration

  19. These are precious! Can I ask where you get your beautifully colored felt? Cheers!Jen

  20. Ariane and Jen, I get my felt from here:

  21. These are beautiful - and so is your blog! I was just browsing and saw that we share the same lovely, rare name so couldn't resist taking a look! Glad I did. :)

  22. Ah, a fellow Larissa! Hi there! and thank you! So were your parents Dr. Zhivago fans? :-)

  23. Well, Larissa, I can't get a straight answer on that one. I was the youngest of five, and frankly they were running out of L names for girls. Mom can't remember where they got the idea, but my sister says she wanted to name me Lucy.

  24. Hey, those are so great!
    Also, I was wondering if you ever posted the otter softie pattern? My daughter (2) is in love with an otter in our little local wildlife sanctuary, and he brother (9) wants to make her a softie for christmas (awwww)... I need help as I'm no expert on this and your otter softies are hte cutest!!!
    Thanks, Jane

  25. Hi, JaneM,
    No, I didn't post the otter softie! Sorry to disappoint. That will have to be a future endeavor. Best advice I can give your aspiring otter crafter (how sweet is THAT?) is to draw a LOOONG teddy bear outline (or elongate an existing bear or rabbit pattern), and give it really small ears and shortish legs. :-) Looking at pictures of the real thing might inspire too. Good luck!

  26. do you have any which would go around the neck of an elderly person? something comfortable ?

    1. Sorry, Dorothy! I don't have a pattern for that.


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