Thursday, September 29, 2011

tooth officer, tooth marshal, and frankentooth in the shop


Finally finished these guys that I started several weeks ago. Sorry for the low light pictures. I was determined to get them in the shop tonight. Three tooth pillows with pockets for mouths and handy hanging loops. See the shop for details!

They were all made with the new tooth pattern I've been monkeying around with. Similar to the old one but with improvements, like a free floating sewn pocket instead of a glued one. I really like coming up with new theme and color variations.


  1. They look so cute, Larissa!

    hugs from Brazil!

  2. These are just too cute! Some dentist somewhere loves you. Wishing you great sales!

  3. Oh, so cute! What little boy wouldn't love these! Too bad I only have a little girl. ;)

  4. Oh my goodness... SO CUTE, Larissa! I love Frankentooth. :)

  5. these new variations are grand! "R2Dtooth" is working hard in our home at present ...

  6. Dentists the world over should be featuring these in their offices. What a delightful way to share the experience with children. Makes losing a tooth not so scary. I still remember getting the proverbial quarter under my pillow when I was little. I was rich!

  7. Lovin' Mr. Frankentooth! Very cute!

  8. LOVE these! They are so unique and clearly so well made. I agree, dentists everywhere ... take note! I was happy to feature your darling little frankentooth in my Friday Finds this week. I just couldn't pass him up, he is one of a kind!

    Happy Halloween to you and yours!


  9. I love that Frankentooth has a crazy eye. LOL.

  10. These are great. The Frankentooth is hilarious. I think I need to make one of these for my nephew he's loosing teeth right and left!

  11. Dear Mr. Frakentooth,
    You look so cute and funny! I hope Mr. Tooth Officer or Tooth Marshall didn't arrest you for the way you look. Your maker is so creative. You can be a perfect gift to my nephew.

    Ethan Pew

  12. These are so adorable! I don't see the pattern in your shop, will it be available again soon?

    Rachelle S.

    1. Hey, Rachelle S.,
      I never got around to finishing it for the shop! Sorry. My to do list is verrrry long! There's a free pattern under my tutorials list that is the basic shape if you want to add your own touches.


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