Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little Red pattern in the shop!

 {Once upon a morning}
"Um. Heeey, Gramma. Mom sent me over. Oooh, wow, you do look terrible! Should you be drooling like that?"

 The Little Red pattern is available at long last. Here is a parade of pictures:

The pattern includes removable skirt, slippers, and of course, the signature hooded cloak. There's also a little cake to tuck inside the basket for Gramma. Because cake makes you feel better.

 Here's the basic doll sans the skirt and cloak.

 The backs of their little heads.

 Closeup of the cakes. Mmm. Cake.

 Yet another shot just in case you didn't get the idea from the other ones. When I do a shoot, I take about 1000 photographs of every conceivable combination. Except for the ones I really need, mostly. 

{3 hours later} 
"Well! That woodcutter guy was pretty nice, wasn't he? Good thing he came along! Ok, I gotta bounce, Gramma. I saw a cottage made from candy that I'd like to check out. Text ya later."

In case you are wondering, the Gramma Wolfie is a pattern that is available too.


  1. bellissima cappuccetto rosso!!!!
    e bellissima interpretazione della fiaba! complimenti.
    ciao Stefania

  2. Dear Larissa,

    You definitely made my Saturday 100 times better with this post. :)) I have been looking so much forward to that lovely pattern. :))

  3. Perfection! I loved her from the beginning but seeing her with Gramma/Wolfie is beyond great. It's actually making me consider doing some Christmas sewing again!

  4. They are so awesome! Every little detail, from the parts in their hair, right down to the yummy-looking cake! I can't begin to imagine all the work it took to make those patterns. Wonderful job! I hope you sell a bzillion of them!

  5. Oh my word these are absolutely incredible!! I totally love them. Your excessive photography captures them perfectly too =)

  6. Larissa!!! This post was totally awesome. Love both of those patterns. Terrific!

  7. So so beautiful. I am off to buy the pattern right now - I know a little girl that would love this as a Christmas present.

    Amanda xox

  8. You are amazing. It's been fun to watch the evolution of these sweet dollies since your first Grandma/wolfie. :)

  9. So, so awesome! Love all your color combos and the styling. So fun! What a wonderful set.

  10. You are so, so very talented! Your patterns are on my wish list!

  11. How absolutely fun. You have such a gift! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

  12. Woohoo! Finally done! What a load off, huh? She's lovely. The colors you chose are, again, gorgeous.

  13. thanks, everyone! yes, a huge load off. whoo!

  14. Your whole Little Red Riding Hood gang are to die for. Incredibly clever and well execute. Brava!

  15. Oh Larissa, where have I been??? You made your trip to London - Disneyworld - had lovely ideas about patterns and dresses and and and...

    Have missed a whole of a lot - shame on me...

    Take care


  16. It's a very nice pattern, with lots of details! :)


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